Monday, April 19, 2010

Gambar palsu fitnah Zaid...Selamat Memfitnah!!

'Whiskey' Zaid photo doctored, PKR shows proof

By FMT staff

KUALA LUMPUR: In a startling new development, "evidence" has emerged to suggest that the photo of PKR's Hulu Selangor by-election candidate Zaid Ibrahim clutching a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey could have been doctored.

In an e-mail to FMT, PKR communications director Jonson Chong attached another photo of Zaid wearing the same shirt with the same background, but without the bottle.

FMT learnt that the photo was taken during an interview with a news portal.

Earlier, FMT reported that a photo of Zaid holding the whiskey bottle had been posted on the Gerakan Anti-PKR blog this afternoon.

The photo was in response to PKR vice-president Azmin Ali's challenge to prove that Zaid was an alcoholic, which has become one of the central themes of the Barisan Nasional campaign for the by-election.

Azmin had accused BN of deliberately raising the issue to character asassinate Zaid, who has since revealed that his drinking days are over and that he has repented.

'Clear case of gutter politics'

Commenting on the "doctored" photo, Chong dismissed it as a "clear case of gutter politics" employed by BN and the people aligned to the coalition.

“We should not dignify such attacks with a response. Zaid has explained this issue to the voters and we believe they are in a better position to judge him,” he said.

Chong said the voters should look at the capability of the PKR candidate and what he can do for this constituency as a result of his working relationship with Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and the state government.

According to the "Gerakan Anti-PKR blog", the photo was provided by a source from the opposition party.

“Just as promised, I have exposed a photograph of Zaid and (a bottle of) whiskey. Whether it is beer or whiskey, it is still considered the urine of the Devil, and it is haram (forbidden by Islam) just like sodomy. The prophet (Muhammad) will never consider a sodomite as one of his followers,” said its webmaster.

The reference to sodomy was an obvious attack on PKR supremo and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is currently on trial for allegedly sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Anwar, who was charged with a similar offence in 1998, has claimed, like before, that it is a political conspiracy masterminded by his rivals.

Eight-minute video clip

Meanwhile, the webmaster said his "PKR source" has revealed that there are eight photographs and an eight-minute video clip involving three PKR leaders in an "embarrassing" situation.

“They are just waiting to hand them (the photos and videos) over to GAP (Gerakan-Anti PKR). One of them (in the video) flew to Taiwan during the Sept 16 lie,” he added.

Following Pakatan Rakyat's sterling performance in the March 2008 general election, Anwar had threatened to take over the federal government on Sept 16 that year with the help of defections.

During this episode, 49 BN MPs were flown to Taiwan on Sept 7 for a purported study tour, which some claimed was an attempt to thwart the defections.

Five PKR leaders -- Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong, PKR director of strategies Tian Chua, secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, supreme council member Low Chee Cheong and elections director Fuziah Salleh -- had trailed them.

Meanwhile, Zaid told FMT earlier that he was not perturbed by the incident.

“I have already responded to this matter, and publicly said that I have repented. I have already explained the matter to the voters, so I will let them decide.

“I am more interested in focusing my efforts on developing Hulu Selangor if elected as MP,” he told FMT.


arin2772 said...

gambar DSN bersama perempuan monggol asli ker? ha ha... kena batang idung sendiri tau sakit hati.. sapa suruh tiang lampu chua buat gambar fitnah dulu?? mesti anwar kaki jubor yang suruh.. ha ha ha padan muka korang pakatan sialan!! pegi isap butuh lim kit siamang tu la wei...

Anonymous said...

kaki jubor tegar kata ada bukti rosmah ngan najib letop altantuya... mananya bukti tu pakatan sialan harami oiii??? MANA??? korang nganga mulut je la anwar kencing dalam mulut korang.. hi hi.. bodoh punya bangsat pakatan sial!!!!

komando said...

If UMNO and BN do not play dirty, that will be the "End of this World"

merbok said...

arin2772 ish! kesian kat mak bapak hang dapat anak mcm ni... ish ish ish... kesiann..

merbok said...

Gabungan Anak Pelesit (GAP) hehehe kesian kat mak bapak hang GAP hehehe

FMZam said...

bang nan,

bagus kau luluskan tulisan pencacai UMNO yang lucah dan kotor dalam blog ni bagi semua baca dan tengok camna jijiknya sikap dan mentaliti orang2 UMNO biar rakyat tengok mengapa kita semua mesti ajar melayu UMNO yang tak bertamaddun ni pada pilihanraya hulu selangor nanti.

Anonymous said...

ini kerja babi bin anak sundal!....


Anonymous said...

setiap kali seorang pencacai APNO buat komen DSAI peliwat, TOKGURU APNO, Mamak kerala dapat saham neraka....kenapa....dianilah suFASIK yang kata dia ada bukti DSAI meliwat tapi dia takut mai ke mahkamah bawa saksi yang dia kata dia punya....

maka budak2 pencaci ni pun memekmurkan mamak kerala ini dengan dosa menuduh liwat tanpa bukti.....

siapa mula kerja kotor ni oiiii!....