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Dipetik dari Malaysia Chronicle
It looks like Deepak Jaikishan, known for his close ties to Rosmah Mansor the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak, is no longer so happy with the controversial first couple or their Umno party mates.
Deepak, a carpet trader who is branching out into bigger business, has accused Umno women's wing leader Senator Raja Ropiaah Abdullah of 'stealing' land worth RM400 million from his company Astacanggih Sdn Bhd and reselling a portion of it to a third party.
During an exclusive interview with Malaysia Chronicle, Deepak also alleged that a member of Najib's family had taken a 'commission' worth millions for Najib's role in getting the land owned by the Ministry of Defense privatized to Raja Ropiaah in 2005 under a project called Puspahanas.
"Ropiaah has no previous experience at all but based on Najib's recommendation, she got the deal," Deepak toldMalaysia Chronicle.
He declined to name who in Najib's family had allegedly pocketed the 'commission' but there is speculation that it may have been Rosmah herself as she usually takes care of Najib's business matters.
Puspahanas, which stands for Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan National, is a RM100mil project granted to Ropiaah's firm Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd. Awan was given the land to build and set up a research centre akin to Britain's intelligence unit MI5 for the Malaysian Defense Ministry. Seterusnya baca di bawah ni...

DEEPAK BOMBSHELL: Wanita's Raja Ropiaah 'stole' land while Najib's family made 'millions'

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