Sunday, August 18, 2013


Semua telah maklum, penghidap kenser stage 4 punya harapan tipis untuk hidup lebih lama. Biasanya doktor buat jugalah rawatan chemo tetapi ikut hukum alam setengah2 doktor memberi jangkaan hayat kepada penghidap. 

Umno ni bukan takat doktor dah chemo malah sebahagian anggota yang kena kenser telahpun dipotong. Kalu pergi jumpa doktor, doktor tupun bagi nasihat kepada keluarga terdekat..."pi bawak baliklah... cubalah buat rawatan tradisional ke apa!"

Tara tulah Umno lagu ni yob oiiii!!


Don’t sabotage Umno, Mahathir advises Malay


AUGUST 18, 2013

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad advised Malays not to sabotage Umno, claiming that the race will still benefit from the party leading the government.
In an open letter to Umno members, the former prime minister acknowledged that the ruling party has lost touch with the Malays as its members are more interested in pursuing their own individual interests rather than helping the public.
“The spirit to fight for the people, religion and country is no longer present. There is no loyalty to Umno because allegiance has now shifted from the party to selected individuals,” he said in the letter published in Umno-backed Malay weekly, Mingguan Malaysia.
“Members are bribed with money, overseas trips and to perform umrah. With that, all Umno members are involved in bribery by selling their votes for money," he said.
However, the former Umno president said the party still has much to offer to Malays compared to opposition parties.
Dr Mahathir argued that Umno has had a good track record in improving the lives of the Malays by providing basic necessities and opportunities to thrive in society.
“We can look at the states that are not under Umno where the Malays are living in poorer conditions. Any benefits to them are from the federal government, headed by Umno.
“If the country is not led by Umno, despite having Malay leaders, they would not help the Malays due to the debt they owe to non-Malays for the help received during the elections,” he added.
The 88-year-old also compared Malaysia to other countries which are poorer after gaining independence and told Malays to count their blessings.
“Accept the reality and be thankful. Do not complain that no benefits were given despite years of supporting Umno," Mahathir added. - August 18, 2013.

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