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Petronas 'obligated' to pay royalties, Ku Li tells Nik Aziz

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. By Lee Wei Lian
KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 - Bucking his party line, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has written to Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat telling him that the state is legally entitled to royalties from oil extracted in a joint development region bordering Thailand.

The PAS led Kelantan state government is seeking RM1 billion in oil royalty it claims it is owed by the federal government and made it a campaign issue during the recent Manek Urai by-election.

Nik Aziz had written a letter to Tengku Razaleigh, also known as Ku Li, on 15 July seeking his advice on the issue. The letter was delivered by Kelantan state executive councillor Datuk Husam Musa on July 19.

In a written reply to the query today, Tengku Razaleigh said that based on the Petroleum Development Act, Petronas is obligated to pay 5 per cent the value of oil found on-or-offshore any Malaysian state or federal territory.

The Kelantan prince, who was the founding chairman and CEO of national oil company Petronas, added that he had signed the agreement on behalf of Petronas in 1975 while then mentri besar, Datuk Haji Mohamed Nasir had signed on behalf of Kelantan.

"It is clear that Petronas is bound by these agreements as is the Kelantan state government and therefore, Petronas is obligated to pay," wrote the Gua Musang MP who was unsuccesful in getting nominations for the Umno presidential contest last year.

The Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim has been reported as saying however, that Kelantan has no right to the oil royalties.

"Under international law, Kelantan has no right to oil royalty as the oil and gas operations area in the Gulf of Siam is located in the zone with overlapping claims by Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam," he said.

In an interview last week with The Malaysian Insider, Ku Li disputed that view and said that though the oil is being extracted from a joint development area with Thailand, the Petroleum Development Act is still in force.

"Petronas is operating in what is an offshore area of Kelantan. It is very straightforward. Otherwise Petronas cannot have a joint venture with Thailand," Ku Li said.

The former finance minister declined to comment on whether political considerations played a part in the decision not to pay Kelantan oil royalties but noted that Terengganu oil royalty payments were suspended when it was under the opposition but was reinstated when it returned to Barisan Nasional rule last year.

Nik Aziz has not ruled out litigation in its efforts to recover revenues.

“We’ll negotiate, and if we cannot negotiate, we will take the matter to court, if not at the court here, to the international court,” he was reported as saying.

Guna undang2 untuk aniaya manusia...

Tanya 10 lawyers pasal undang2...mike akan dapat 10 pandangan yang berbeza.

Pada teman senang aje...undang2 yang sedia ada boleh pakailah. Seperti kata Zulkifli Nordin...Seksyen 377 itu patut kekal kerana ia selaras dengan undang2 islam dan kehendak majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

Zulkifli Noordin, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)'s Kulim-Bandar Baru Member of Parliament, says Section 377 shouldn't be judged by the number of charges laid. The act should remain in place because it is consistent with the Islamic values shared by the majority of Malaysians, he says.

"It has been in human civilisation to treat sodomy as an offence [for thousands of years]. So there must be some reason why," he tells The Nut Graph.

Zulkifli "It's stated there in the Bible, it's stated there in the Old Testament, it's stated there in the Al Quran. So I think, to be safe, we should just follow God's law."

Yang jadi masalahnya yob...bila undang2 digunakan untuk menganiaya orang. Itulah yang patut diperbetulkan....

Rethinking Malaysia’s sodomy laws
30 July 2009 Oleh Zulkifli Noordin pada 9:31 PM Label:

THEY'RE colonial relics, they're rarely invoked, and other Asian countries have effectively taken them off the books. But because Malaysia's sodomy laws are tangled up in politics and religion, they're probably not going anywhere for a while.

In 2007, Singapore modified their sodomy laws, expressed in Section 377a of the island-state's Penal Code, to exclude heterosexuals who perform consensual oral and anal sex. On 2 July 2009, India repealed its own Section 377. In contrast, Malaysia's most recent addition to the history of sodomy laws is its second charge against parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

When asked what it would take to get Malaysia to follow suit and repeal its sodomy laws, gender and sexuality rights activist Alina Rastam laughs. "A miracle?" she asks. Nevertheless, could the time finally be right for Malaysians to rethink the relevance and righteousness of sodomy laws?

Simranjit Kaur Gill of the Women's Candidacy Initiative says the group has researched charges brought under Section 377 of Malaysia's Penal Code. The act criminalises "carnal intercourse against the order of nature", or oral and anal sex. Their research found seven charges from 1938 to the present. Four of those seven charges are connected to Anwar.

So why does Malaysia need a miracle to repeal an act that is mainly used to persecute a political opponent of the government?

Zulkifli Noordin, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)'s Kulim-Bandar Baru Member of Parliament, says Section 377 shouldn't be judged by the number of charges laid. The act should remain in place because it is consistent with the Islamic values shared by the majority of Malaysians, he says.
"It has been in human civilisation to treat sodomy as an offence [for thousands of years]. So there must be some reason why," he tells The Nut Graph.

Zulkifli "It's stated there in the Bible, it's stated there in the Old Testament, it's stated there in the Al Quran. So I think, to be safe, we should just follow God's law."

Ironically, the Barisan Nasional government also has little motivation to repeal a tool that has proved useful against its most powerful opponent.


Latheefa Koya, who is PKR's information chief and a member of Anwar's legal defence team, says the charges were politically motivated. It's hard to see its disproportional use against Anwar in any other way, she says.

A sodomy charge hits at the root of Anwar's credibility, Latheefa says. "He had an image of someone of high moral standing, who's Islamic in his background. So the best way to destroy that is trump up a charge with sexual connotation in it. And if you can't get that person to be seen with women, then you might as well deal with sodomy."

When contacted by The Nut Graph, the Attorney-General's Chambers declines to offer an explanation. Its public relations officer says in an e-mail that the office could not reply to inquiries connected to an ongoing case.

Latheefa says she personally thinks Section 377 should be repealed because there's no point policing the private actions of consenting adults. But PKR would not be pushing for the law to be taken off the books any time soon, she adds.

Latheefa"It would be wrongly seen that we are only trying to get rid of the law because Anwar is being charged. So in that context, it is complicated," she says.

It's also clear that there are major differences in opinion even among PKR members about Section 377, as seen in the differences between Latheefa's and Zulkifli's views.

Anwar's trial has created a classic catch-22. The government is politically motivated to keep the law the way it is. And the opposition is afraid that challenging the very law that is making their leader look un-Islamic would be seen as, well, un-Islamic.

More legal complexities

Section 377 isn't the only act criminalising homosexuality and sodomy in Malaysia. There are also many parallel offences under state-level syariah laws. These range from improper conduct in public spaces to sexual relations between persons of the same gender.

When deciding whether to prosecute Anwar under civil or syariah law in 1999, the High Court referred to a decision from a case in 1884 called Brett MR in R v Tonbridge Overseers. The judge in this case stated that where an offender commits an offence triable by either the civil court or a syariah court, he or she may be prosecuted in either one. What is less clear is who decides which court will try the case, and how that decision is made.

"There's no official policy. It's decided on a case-by-case basis," says Edmund Bon, chairperson of the bar council constitutional law committee and another member of Anwar's legal team.
Bon (Courtesy of Edmund Bon) But The Nut Graph has to go through four different answers from four different lawyers before Bon's final explanation that there is no formal procedure in place. The differences between these answers cannot be explained by lack of experience or expertise.There's really only one conclusion to be drawn: the system is complicated, often arbitrary, and full of ambiguous legal grey areas.

Potential for crackdowns

The combination of Section 377, the syariah laws, and the Internal Security Act (ISA) gives the police and Islamic departments a powerful arsenal to crack down on "unnatural sex", and any attempt to challenge the definition of "unnatural sex", if they want to. The broad scope of these laws means they can be applied to heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

But Latheefa says that's not a scenario Malaysians need to worry about. Islamic law requires four witnesses for offences related to sex and sexuality, because charges are intended to be infrequent. Charges under Section 377 are meant to be rare for the same reason, she says.

"The whole philosophy behind such offences is to say that we look at it very seriously, but in order to establish it, you would probably have to [commit] it in public," she says.

Zulkifli makes a very similar point: "I don't think the government is interested to barge into all these gay clubs and whatnot, unless somebody lodges a report," he says. "But if it's rampant, if people start having [homosexual] sex at every corner, then maybe we will take action."

That may be how Zulkifli defines "rampant," but keeping the law the way it is means the police and government have the power to arbitrarily decide.

Anwar Alina says giving them that power without checks and balances is dangerous. "Anything that is discriminatory is disturbing. Having these laws remain is an issue, even if they're hard to enforce," she says.

Ironically, Alina says Anwar's sodomy trials have helped sexuality rights activism to develop in Malaysia. The 1998 trial pushed the issue into the public eye. Today, many non-governmental organisations are taking stands on sexuality rights, and are even starting to conduct training workshops on the issue.

Nevertheless, Alina says the movement is still in its infancy 10 years later. "There have been advances since Anwar's trial in 1998, but they're really just a drop in the ocean."

That said, many people thought it would take a miracle to change India's sodomy laws, too. Look what eventually happened.

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Sekodor berhati2...!!

Nak beri contoh DNA la ni kena berhati2 yob. Teringat kes Anwar Ibrahim dulu...bila tilam diusung. Ghupe2nye ada agenda tersendiri untuk memerangkap orang tua tu. Nasib baiklah tak mengena. Ingat lagi Pakar Kimia tu...apa nama??? Lim Kong Boon... LIM KONG BOON, GHANI PATAIL DAN KETUA

Jadi tidak hairanlah 2 orang saksi penting yang rapat dengan mangsa enggan memberikan contoh DNA melainkan jika diarah oleh koroner. Bukan nak tuduh sesiapa tetapi sekodor berhati-hati adalah lebih baik.

Kat negara kita la ni macam2 boleh jadi yob!! TPMpun kena mata lebam...

Maka berlakulah pertuduhan palsu terhadap Anwar Ibrahim....ZAID IBRAHIM

Zaid Ibrahim ni bekas menteri yob. Mungkin apa yang ingin dilakukan ke atas Anwar ada dibincangkan di mana2 antara anggota kabinet sendiri. Jadi cakap2 dia ni bukan cakap kosong. Tengok ayat yang teman highlight di bawah sana nun....Wallahu'alam.

Saya Ahli Pakatan

Ramai orang sibuk bercakap tentang prestasi Datuk Seri Najib sepanjang 100 hari pertama pentadbirannya. Ada yang memuji Najib dan memberi amaran kepada saya bahawa UMNO akan bangkit semua dengan gagahnya di bawah kepimpinan beliau. Setakat ini saya lebih suka untuk tunggu dan lihat; bak kata pepatah Inggeris “new broom sweeps well” yang bermaksud yang baru selalunya indah. Tetapi saya sedikit pun tidak rasa bimbang mengenai “kebangkitan” UMNO ini.

Setelah 40 hari saya menjadi ahli Parti Keadilaan Rakyat, saya merasa begitu bangga dan yakin tentang perjuangan parti ini. Saya telah mula bertemu dengan pemimpin and ahli Keadilan di semua peringkat. Saya diterima dengan penuh hormat dan dijemput ke sana sini untuk berucap.
Saya terharu dengan respons mereka. Jelas komitmen dan kesungguhan mereka yang memberangsangkan. Mereka rajin dan penuh inisiatif dan mempunyai semangat yakin diri yang tinggi . Mereka percaya bahawa Keadilan adalah wadah politik yang sesuai untuk memperjuangkan dasar yang baik untuk negara; demi kebaikan semua rakyat, dalam semua bidang. Parti Keadilan bukanlah parti untuk menjaga Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, seperti yang dilaungkan oleh propagandis UMNO. Maklumlah parti mereka hanya untuk kepentingan pemimpin besar sahaja.

Pengalaman yang sama menarik kepada saya ialah menyedari bagaimana kuatnya hubungan antara parti-parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Kekuatan ini timbul dari keinginan ahli-ahli Keadilan, PAS dan DAP yang mahu melihat Pakatan menjadi kerajaan; sebagai parti alternatif kepada BN.

Hasrat mereka sama seperti dengan lebih 4 juta pengundi dalam tahun 2008 yang mahu memilih kerajaan baru di Putrajaya yang benar-benar adil, tidak gila kuasa dan tidak rasuah atau menyeleweng. Walaupun akhbar UMNO telah berjaya membesar-besarkan masalah kecil dalam Pakatan, hakikatnya ialah apa pun masalah kecil itu, pemimpin dan ahli Pakatan berjaya bersatu untuk mengatasi permasalahan tersebut. Resilience atau pun tahan lasak Pakatan ini membuktikan ia akan terus bersatu dan berjaya bila saja pilihan raya diadakan.

Saya sedar ramai pengkritik Pakatan menuduh Pakatan tidak ada dasar yang konkrit dan tidak ada dasar bersama. Kononnya kerana ideologi berbeza, Pakatan tidak mungkin dapat bersatu seperti BN, kata mereka. Golongan skeptik atau penimbul keraguan ini, termasuk sesetengah profesor dan akademik, sebenarnya sedar tentang kekuatan Pakatan yang semakin mendapat sokongan rakyat. Mereka tahu parti-parti dalam Pakatan serta pemimpin-pemimpinnya telah lama berkecimpung dalam politik. Para pemimpin dan ahli Pakatan telah merasai penat-lelah sebagai pembangkang. Mereka telah terbukti dapat bertahan dengan segala tekanan dari kerajaan diktator BN. Mereka telah diuji dan diuji berkali-kali. Mereka tekah masok penjara, masok tahanan ISA dan penyokong mereka berani dan kental.

Sebab itulah strategi utama BN ialah untuk memecahbelahkan Pakatan kerana takut untuk berdepan dan bertarung satu lawan satu. Maka berlakulah pertuduhan palsu terhadap Anwar Ibrahim, merampas kuasa kerajaan negeri di Perak, dan sedang berusaha untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan Pakatan di Selangor, sehingga berlaku kematian Teoh Beng Hock. Sebelum itu pula UMNO sibuk memecahbelahkan PAS sehingga hampir berjaya dalam pilihan raya kecil di Manek Urai, Kelantan. Sehingga sekarang UMNO memainkan jarum perkauman untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan orang Melayu yang semakin ramai menyokong Pakatan kerana sudah jijik dengan politik kotor UMNO. Memang, UMNO dan BN sebenarnyaya takut kepada Pakatan.

Memanglah Pakatan ada kelemahannya dan banyak lagi perkara mesti diwujudkan untuk memperkukuhkannya. Ingatlah, Pakatan baru 18 bulan umor nya , dan perkongsian baru mesti lah ada tersilap dan tidak mudah dijalinkan . Tetapi saya yakin apa yang perlu dilaksanakan, akan dilaksanakan. Dasar yang perlu diumumkan kepada orang ramai akan digubal. Tekad dan kesungguhan pucuk pimpinan Keadilan, PAS dan DAP tidak perlu diragui. Keikhlasan dan kebolehan mereka serta penyokong mereka tinggi.

Sekarang ini pun Pakatan sedang bersusaha ke arah mendaftarkan diri sebagai satu badan politik untuk mewujudkan perkongsian perjuangan parti-parti politik secara rasmi. Saya dari sekretariat Pakatan akan berusaha untok menrealisasikan hasrat ini. Rakyat akan diberi pilihan sebenar dalam pilihan raya akan datang; satu lawan satu. Semua ahli parti gabungan Pakatan sudah bersedia untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat atas nama Pakatan. Malah, dalam tindak-tanduk seharian kita; kita seolah-olah sudah pun menjadi ahli Pakatan dan bukan sekadar ahli Keadilan, PAS atau PAS. Dan inilah yang rakyat mahukan. Dan inilah yang amat digeruni oleh Najib, UMNO dan BN.

Another liberalisation measure: Tambah Lesen Judi...

Sifir Najib senang aje...

Kalu tak di"halal"kan..."judi haram" akan berleluasa. Mudahnya tafsiran halal-haram puak ni..!!

Tan Sri Mufti Perak bila nak keluar fatwa??

4-D thrust rooted in sound economics

KUALA LUMPUR, July 30 — Last week, number forecast operator Multi-Purpose Holdings told the stock exchange that its subsidiary Magnum Corporation had received government approval for a new four-digit (4-D) game that would incorporate a jackpot element.

This follows Kuala Lumpur's decision last October to award all three 4D gaming companies — Berjaya Sports Toto, Magnum and Tanjong plc — 10 more special draws a year. Each draw typically adds about RM20 million to total sales.

Such decisions demonstrate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's unusual pragmatism. He doubles as finance minister and thus oversees the gaming sector and such decisions leave Najib vulnerable to attack from the opposition Islamic party which could easily accuse the government of being unIslamic.

Even so, the decision to allow more draws is rooted in sound economics. For one thing, it will further reduce the share of the illegal gambling market. No one really knows how large the market is. Even the gaming companies think it could be anywhere from one to 15 times the legal market which, in 2008, was valued at around RM8 billion. That is why Kuala Lumpur has always resisted raising gaming taxes. It would only result in illegal gambling stealing market share from their registered, and taxpaying, rivals.

So allowing a jackpot element in forecast draws frustrates the underground industry, for their operators cannot match those kinds of payouts. It is in the government's interest to reduce illegal gambling for the simple reason that it will derive more revenue as a result. Last year, gaming companies, excluding casino operator Genting, paid the government over RM1.5 billion in taxes.

Allowing more draws will also eat away at the underground's share while directly boosting federal government revenue. Last year's 10 new draws were estimated to have added RM130 million to the Treasury; a trickle, to be sure, but useful nevertheless. Revenue is what lies at the heart of the matter.

Kuala Lumpur remains mired in an economic downturn that could potentially cost it thousands of jobs. To mitigate the effects, it has embarked on a RM67 billion fiscal stimulus package that's yet to produce tangible results. On the other side of the balance sheet is a yawning budget deficit that could rise to close to 8-10 per cent of gross domestic product. The country is being squeezed between falling exports and sharply declining investment. To tackle the latter, Najib has announced a series of liberalisation measures in the services sector and banking.

More recently, he relaxed affirmative action policy guidelines in the equities and property markets. It is too early to say if the measures will work but sticking to the old ways just to remain politically popular will not make Malaysia's economy grow and that can be politically self-defeating in the long run. Sometimes, it pays to be practical, like allowing more lottery draws to boost the country's revenues. — Business Times Singapore

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La macam mana aku tak rasa kesian langsung ni?????

Puas lah teman cuba buat-buat kesian...tak jalan jugak...

Makin kuat teman mencuba...makin menyampah pulak rasanya.

Apa idaknya yob...mangkok ni digantung kerana kerana kesalahan menghina SELCAT dalam media. Ini gara2 dia nak membela Khir Toyo yang tapau duit Balkis bersama anak beranak dia.

Nak kesian macam mana ya? Lainlah Allahyarham YB Roslan Shaharum, MP Bukit Gantang yang bawak selori durian untuk dijual di merata KL dan Selangor ni untuk cari dana bantu orang kampong.

Cuba tengok kereta dan rumah Md. Isa ni....


Adun Selangor jual durian
Oleh Md Fuzi Abd Lateh

MOHD Isa melayan pelanggan memilih durian bermutu di gerainya di hadapan Bangunan Umno Bahagian Hulu Selangor.

Wakil rakyat Batang Kali hilang pendapatan akibat elaun digantung


Tidak mempunyai pendapatan akibat digantung elaun selama enam bulan, mendorong Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Batang Kali, Mohd Isa Abu Kasim, nekad bekerja sambilan menjual durian di hadapan Bangunan Umno Bahagian Hulu Selangor, di sini, sejak minggu lalu.

Katanya, beliau perlu mencari kerja sambilan membantu anak saudaranya, Nor Azlan Mansor, 35, menjual raja buah di sini demi mencari pendapatan selepas digantung kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor pada 15 Julai lalu.

"Saya tidak malu melakukan kerja menjual durian ini. Apa boleh buat elaun kena gantung. Nasib rakyat perlu dibela walaupun hidup dalam serba kekurangan ini.

"Walaupun mendapat tekanan pembangkang, saya tidak berputus asa melakukan kerja ini demi mencari rezeki halal, termasuk membantu rakyat di Batang Kali," katanya ketika ditemui Berita Harian, di sini, semalam.

Katanya, setiap hari selama empat jam bermula jam 8 malam beliau menjual durian yang dibeli dari Pahang kepada penduduk sekitar Hulu Selangor.

"Saya bersyukur kerana ramai pelanggan memberi sokongan membeli durian di sini.
Pendapatan mencecah RM700 setiap malam digunakan untuk kos penyelenggaraan sewa pejabat, gaji pekerja dan sumbangan kepada rakyat di kawasan ini," katanya.

Mohd Isa berkata, kerajaan Selangor mengambil tindakan menggantung elaun dan kebenaran menghadiri Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) lima wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) baru-baru ini selepas mendakwa mereka menegur Jawatankuasa Ketelusan dan Kebertanggungjawaban Selangor di luar dewan .

"Saya melihat tindakan kerajaan negeri itu terlalu kejam dan tidak adil. Mereka melakukan sesuatu yang tidak berhati perut. Rakyat tahu menilai semua itu," katanya sambil tidak menolak kemungkinan akan mengusahakan perniagaan lain selepas berakhirnya musim durian.

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He may be good for Umno, he may be good for Najib and he is good for USA...

But he doesn't necessarily good for that's all I want to say..!!

Washington clears JJ to become Malaysia’s US ambassador
By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Former cabinet minister, Datuk Seri Jamaluddin Jarjis will be officially appointed as Malaysia’s ambassador to the US early next month, filling a crucial diplomatic slot that has been empty since Datuk Rajmah Hussain retired in June last year.

The Malaysian Insider understands Jamaluddin has been cleared by the US State Department to take up the posting.

And in a measure of the Najib administration’s decision to upgrade ties with Washington, he will be accorded ministerial status.

According to sources, Jamaluddin will receive his credentials from the King on August 4.

The appointment is one of the choice overseas postings and is usually reserved for senior diplomats.

A close friend of the PM, he was passed over when Najib announced his line-up of ministers and deputy ministers on April 9.

Former ambassador to the US Tan Sri Ghazzali Sheikh Abdul Khalid was also shortlisted for the post but was passed over due to his links with disgraced US lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

It was during Ghazzali’s tenure that the Malaysian Embassy in Washington reportedly paid up to US$1.2 million (RM4.21 million) to Abramoff to secure a meeting with then US president George W Bush in 2002.

Abramoff was later convicted of fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.
Jamaluddin is a member of the Umno supreme council and has held several Cabinet positions before this, including as the minister of science, technology and innovation and also as the second finance minister.

The reason that has been put forward for his appointment as ambassador is that he has a “good network” in the US.


Ustaz Hasrizal @ saifulislam, salah seorang ahli panel program Isra' dan Mi'raj di MBI yang lalu akan menyerikan program Tazkirah Ramadhan kita pada 10.9.08 dan 17.9.08.

Ramai lagi ustaz-ustaz yang hebat akan diusahakan untuk hadir menyampaikan Tazkirah Ramadhan, kuliah maghrib dan suboh dalam usaha MBI untuk memakmurkan rumah Allah ini.
Ustaz-ustaz yang dijemput Insya'Allah akan menyampaikan ilmu masing-masing di dalam dimensi dan pendekatan yang berbeza. Makanya Islam akan dilihat di dalam pelbagai sudut dan ilmunya dikupas secara universal.

Semoga qaryah Masjid Bukit Indah akan lebih bersemangat untuk menimba ilmu. Mudah-mudahan kita semua dirahmati Allah.


Anak teman baru talipon suruh ambil dia dari asrama...Sekolah Ditutup! seminggu. Ramai yang demam... ditakuti selsema babi.!!

Janganlah nak protect sangat tourism sampai membahayakan rakyat sendiri.

Third H1N1 death yesterday
KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Another death due to influenza A(H1N1) was reported within 24 hours making the number of people who died of the disease in Malaysia rising to three.

The latest victim, a 42 year-old local male died at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur at 4.40pm yesterday. — Bernama


Gambor anjing melompat...

Ghupe-ghupenye yob...ada peribahasa baru telah tercipta di abad ini....

‘Melepaskan Ibrahim Ali tersepit’


Rupa2nya dah 300 orang mati di USA disebabkan selsema babi ni. Di negara kita, kerajaan BN cuma sibuk nak tukar jenama... dari selsema babi kepada H1N1. Diam tak diam dan 2 orang mati. Beberapa institusi pengajian tinggi dah tutup...

Kalu tak takut lagi baca ni...Indystar - Swine flu could hit up to 40% in U.S. this year and ... dan ini ANALYSIS - How many people have swine flu? No one knows dan ini Swine flu could kill 40 Britons a day by end of summer, says chief ...

Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab mestilah sentiasa mengingatkan rakyatnya seupaya bersedia menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan....bukannya buat2 semua ok aje..


Pada hari Ahad akan datang, 2hb. Ogos 2009 akan diadakan pertandingan bowling (terbuka) anjuran Masjid Bukit Indah, Ampang.

Pertandingan bermula jam 10.00 pagi di Flamingo Bowl.

Ada 8 (lapan) lagi kekosongan dan siapa-siapa yang berminat (qaryah Masjid Bukit Indah) untuk menyertai pertandingan ini bolehlah berhubung dengan Encik Zakaria Bin Zainal @ Tel: 03-4291 1923 sebelum 30.8.09.

Hadiah-hadiah lumayan dan minum pagi disediakan.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Najib bengang dengan Che Det...

Apa idaknye yob? Tengah Umno giler talak nak rujuk balik dengan PAS...tetiba Che Det di tengah2 angin sepoi2 bahasa dari Uganda cakap...

Dr M ragui keikhlasan PAS untuk kerjasama

Yang peliknya tak kanlah Che Det tak perasan yang PAS jugak ragu dengan niat UMNO nak meminang PAS...he he...PAS: Muhyiddin putar belit niat Nik Aziz

Lantak ko le orang umno oiii!!

Buyong kawan teman di Batu Gajah tentu tersenyum..!!

Kerjasama Kerajaan Pusat - Kerajaan Negeri: UMNO Gila Talak.

Perpaduan Antara Kerajaan Ya, Antara Parti Tidak – Nik Aziz27 07 2009

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat hari ini menafikan sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan bahawa beliau telah mahukan perpaduan dan kerjasama diantara UMNO dan PAS.

Ketika bercakap kepada PAS TV pagi ini di pejabatnya, Menteri Besar Kelantan itu berkata beliau mahukan Barisan Nasional menunaikan tanggungjawabnya sebagai Kerajaan Pusat seperti yang diamanahkan dan atas dasar itu beliau bersedia mengetuai usaha menjalinkan hubungan antara Kerajaan Negeri dengan Kerajaan Pusat.

“Saya usulkan hubungan dua kerajaan (Negeri dan Pusat) dipulihkan sesuai dengan semangat federalisme,” kata Nik Aziz.

Semangat Federalisme

Menteri Besar Kelantan itu menegaskan apa yang beliau mahukan ialah Barisan Nasional menjunjung semangat federalisme seperti yang diterima pakai dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang dipersetujui dengan penubuhan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan kemudiannya Persekutuan Malaysia.

Kelantan adalah salah satu negeri yang membentuk persekutuan tersebut dan hak Kelantan terjamin didalam perlembagaan. Bagaimanapun sejak Kelantan kembali ditadbir oleh PAS bermula 1990, Barisan Nasional sebagai Kerajaan Persekutuan telah menyekat hak-hak Negeri Kelantan dalam banyak aspek.

Tindakan diskriminasi dan pelbagai tekanan bersikap politik ke atas negeri-negeri yang tidak ditadbir oleh Barisan Nasional adalah sama sekali tidak mengikut semangat federalisme.

Tindakan sebegini telah berjaya menumbangkan kerajaan PBS di Sabah tetapi tidak di Kelantan.
Selepas pilihanraya umum ke 12 bila 5 negeri di Semenanjung Malaysia tidak lagi ditadbir Barisan Nasional, pihak Kerajaan Persekutuan tidak insaf dengan penolakan rakyat terhadapnya sebaliknya semakin galak menyalahgunakan kedudukannya sebagai Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk menumbangkan negeri-negeri tersebut secara tidak demokratik.

Kerajaan Negeri Perak berjaya ditumbangkan pada Februari 2009 dan kini Barisan Nasional menggunakan jentera-jentera Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk menumbangkan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

Kerjasama Negeri dan Persekutuan penting

Sehubungan dengan itu menurut Tuan Guru, intipati kehendaknya ialah memperkasakan semula hubungan Kerajaan Negeri dan Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Kerajaan Negeri dan Persekutuan dipilih oleh rakyat yang keluar membuang undi dengan demikian ia harus membelakangkan soal parti dan mengutamakan hak rakyat dalam pentadbirannya.

Dari sudut Negeri Kelantan, Nik Aziz melihat banyak isu yang tidak diselesaikan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan seperti isu tuntutan royalti, isu geran kewangan persekutuan kepada negeri, isu projek pembangunan persekutuan kepada negeri dan sebagainya, “sebab itu saya nak pulihkan hubungan ini,” kata Nik Aziz.

“Ini bukan urusan parti, saya tak minat nak pulih soal parti sebab itu isu lain,” tegasnya.

Mencabar media kemukakan bukti

Menurut Nik Aziz, beliau tidak pernah sekali-kali berganjak daripada pendiriannya sebagai Mursyidul Am PAS bahawa kerjasama antara parti UMNO dan PAS tidak perlu diadakan bahkan beliau tidak setapak pun berganjak dari tentangannya terhadap gagasan Kerajaan Perpaduan.

“Itu mainan UMNO, bukan datang dari PAS”, tambahnya.

Dengan kalimah itu, Nik Aziz pagi ini mencabar semua wartawan akhbar dan wartawan penyiaran yang hadir di dalam sidang-sidang medianya beberapa hari kebelakangan ini untuk membuktikan menerusi rakaman audio atau video bahawa beliau mengusulkan kerjasama UMNO-PAS.

Hikayat Laila dan Majnun

Menteri Besar Kelantan itu merumuskan UMNO didalam keadaan amat terdesak dan menyamakan sikap UMNO terhadap PAS seperti Hikayat Laila dan Majunun.

“Nak sangat bersama, sampai kalau orang dah tak mau pun dia nak jugak, jadi boleh tulis nama atas pasir pun jadilah,” kata Tok Guru.

“Sebab tu UMNO dok suruk media ini tulis soal perpaduan soal kerjasama macam cerita Laila Majnun,” tambahnya lagi.

Nik Aziz juga menegaskan segala-galanya bermula selepas majlis perlancaran Fiesta Kelantan di sebuah hotel terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur pada hari Jumaat lepas apabila Menteri Besar Kelantan itu duduk semeja dengan Dato’ Mustapha Mohamed, Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan juga Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Kelantan.

Selepas majlis tersebut, kedua-dua mereka menghadiri sidang media.

“Dalam sidang media itu, saya kata Kerajaan Persekutuan kena berbaik semula dengan Kerajaan Negeri, saya akan terus usahakannya,” kata Nik Aziz lagi.

“(Dato’) Mustapha Mohamed yang duduk bercakap pasal nak jalin hubungan antara parti (UMNO dan PAS), saya bercakap pasal Kerajaan,” tegasnya.

Nik Aziz turut berkata beliau tidak pernah serik walaupun sudah hampir 19 tahun berusaha untuk memulihkan hubungan Persekutuan dengan Negeri dan beliau tidak pernah berhenti berusaha ke arah itu demi kepentingan rakyat Kelantan dan Negara Malaysia.

Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional

Selepas sidang media tersebut, Astro Awani pada malam Sabtu telah bertungkus lumus mengenengahkan isu kesediaan Nik Aziz menjalinkan kerjasama UMNO dan PAS. Astro Awani juga menemuramah pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang rata-rata mengalukannya.

TV3 pula dalam Buletin Utamanya semalam turut menghangatkan lagi isu tersebut.

Berita tentang kononnya Nik Aziz sudah lembut hati didalam isu kerjasama UMNO PAS juga mendapat liputan meluas media cetak.

Ianya dilihat sebagai sebuah projek Barisan Nasional mahu menjatuhkan kredibiliti Musyidul AM PAS yang sebelum ini konsisten menentang Muzakarah UMNO PAS dan gagasan Kerajaan Perpaduan. Dengan apa yang berlaku sejak Jumaat lalu, ia pasti mengelirukan penyokong PAS dan rakyat jelata seterusnya menampakkan Nik Aziz seolah-olah tidak konsisten dan sering berubah-ubah pandangan.

Menghancurkan kredibiliti Nik Aziz dikalangan ahli PAS adalah taktik UMNO bagi melenturkan pengaruh Nik Aziz dikalangan akar umbi PAS dan seterusnya menghuru-harakan suasana didalam PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat.

Walaupun Nik Aziz cuba memberikan persepsinya yang sebenar didalam sidang-sidang media selepas itu, kenyataan-kenyataannya terus diceduk diluar konteks bagi memperkuatkan niat jahat BN.

Dengan kenyataan yang dibuat dipejabatnya pagi ini menerusi TVPAS, diharap segala-gala usaha jahat BN ini berkubur.

Kota Darulnaim,
Kota Bharu, 27 Julai 2009.

Ini interesting ni....

Kalu ikut RPK kes ini ada banyak cerita yang membabitkan orang2 besar. Tak sabar nak tengok orang2 besar tu diheret untuk disoal semula oleh peguambela...he he..!!

Abuse of power: Court clears ex-CCID chief
Jul 27, 09 11:35am

The Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court today acquitted and discharged former Sabah police commissioner Ramli Yusoff on a charge of ordering the use of a police aircraft for his personal interest two years ago.

MCPX "The prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case and the accused deserves to be acquitted and discharged," judge Supang Lianwas quoted as saying by Bernama.

Ramli, 56, was charged on Nov 19, 2007 with abusing his power as Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Department director for his pecuniary gain.

Using a police plane

He was accused of ordering and using a Royal Malaysia Police Cessna Caravan aircraft to take him on an aerial surveillance of two lots in Ulu Tungku, Lahad Datu, in which his real estatecompany Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd had an interest.

The offence was allegedly committed at about 7.50am on June 15, 2007 at the Sabah Police Air Unit, Tanjung Aru near here.

Ramli pleaded not guilty to the offence which, upon conviction, carries a jail term of not more than 20 years and a minimum fine of RM10,000 under Section 15 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act, and was released on bail of RM20,000 with one surety.

The prosecution, represented by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) deputy public prosecutors Kevin Morais and Joyce Blasius, called 75 witnesses in a 59-day hearing between May 13 last year and July 6 this year.

Ramli was represented by Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and James Tsai.

Membentuk Manusiawi

Semasa mengikuti program Isra' dan Mi'raj di Masjid Bukit Indah hari tu, Kol. Basri membisikkan sesuatu kepada teman. Katanya..."Sistem pendidikan di Malaysia ni kaput dah sheikh. Tak boleh pakai."

Tepat sekalilah bagaimana yang digambarkan oleh Ustaz Hasrizal @ Saifulislam. Peristiwa yang ditunjukkan kepada Rasulullah sepanjang Mi'raj itu keseluruhannya menggambarkan apa yang terjadi kepada manusia.Maknanya Islam ini sebebenonya mengutamakan pembangunan insan dan spiritual mengatasi pembangunan fizikal.

Ustaz Hasrizal berkongsi pengalamannya mengajar di Dublin...

"Di sana apabila soalan diutarakan kepada murid2...respon nya begitu positif sekali. Ada yang angkat tangan dahulu baru berfikir...apakah jawapan kepada soalan yang diberi. Tetapi apabila saya balik ke Malaysia..bila saya bertanya kepada students hatta kepada orang dewasa sekalipun...ianya menjadi satu sesuatu yang misteri? Ya tidak tidakpun tidak!! Angguk tidak gelengpun tidak!! Kenapa jadi begitu?" Tanya ustaz..."Ustaz menjawab sendiri soalan yang dilontarkan.

Katanya budaya orang Irish dan sistem pendidikan negara itu amat berbeza dengan apa yang kita amalkan di negara kita.

"Semasa sedang duduk menanti pesawat Aer Lingus di Lapangan Terbang Schiphol Amsterdam ke Dublin, mata saya terpaku memerhati seorang kanak-kanak Irish pada usia empat atau lima tahun, berbual bersama bapanya. Si ibu sibuk mengemas beg di sebelah." Ustaz bercerita...

"Ayah, kenapa kita belum masuk ke pesawat?" Tanyanya.

"Mereka sedang membersihkan pesawat, mengisi minyak, menyusun majalah, dan menyediakan makanan untuk kita." Jawab si ayah sambil bermain dengan rambut anaknya.

"Kenapa pesawat ini berwarna hijau dan pesawat lain berwarna biru?"Tanya si anak lagi.

"Pesawat ini adalah Aer Lingus. Ia warna pesawat negara kita. Pesawat biru adalah pesawat orang Dutch. Asalnya semua pesawat berwarna putih, kemudian ia dicat mengikut syarikat yang membelinya. Balas si ayah.

Mereka saling melunjurkan kaki ke dinding cermin.

"Kenapa warna asal pesawat ialah putih? Si anak terus bertanya.

"Mungkin itu peraturan pihak berkuasa Aviation antarabangsa. Sambut si ayah.

Semacam tidak dipedulikan anaknya yang hanya berusia empat atau lima tahun. Ustaz kata dia kagum dengan peristiwa itu. Lucu melihat gelagat si anak yang bertanya dan terus bertanya. Ayahnya pula tidak pernah jemu menjawab setiap soalan yang ditanya oleh anaknya itu. K

ata ustaz lagi....itulah budaya orang Irish yang patut kita contohi...bapa sabar menjawab soalan anak dengan sejujur2nya. Berbanding dengan kita orang Malaysia...

"Kenapa tak boleh duduk atas bantal? Tanya si anak.

"Tak boleh...nanti tumbuh bisul kat bontot." Jawab ayah ringkas.

"Apa kena mengena bantal dengan bisul?" Ustaz bertanya?

"Kenapa tak boleh angkat kaki masa meniarap?" Tanya anak kepada ibu...

"Tak boleh nanti emak mati..!!" Jawab ibu ringkas.

"Kalau macam tu bila mak dengan ayah gaduh...ayah bolehlah suruh emak angkat kaki masa meniarap...senang bapak kawin lain!!" Ustaz berlawak.

Sikap kita yang terlalu simplistic dan memperlekehkan kanak2 tidak membantu kita menjadikan anak2 kita menjadi manusia yang hebat. Sedangkan Islam memandang ini sebagai satu perkara yang serius.

Tambah ustaz lagi...

"Belum pun tiba di Ireland, saya sudah dapat melihat satu contoh jelas kepada apa yang saya percaya selama ini. Saya percaya bahawa orang Irish sangat sukakan kanak-kanak.

"Masih teringat di fikiran saya, semasa tinggal di Ireland, puas pipi anak saya dipicit, dicubit setiap kali kami menaiki kenderaan awam. Malah kadang-kadang ada pula yang menahan stroller kami semata-mata mahu melihat wajah anak kita. Di pusat membeli belah juga, stroller kanak-kanak sama sesak dengan kesesakan lalu lintas kereta."

"Malah dalam soal lalu lintas, hampir tidak pernah berlaku, saya dan isteri dibiarkan menunggu di tepi jalan bersama stroller melainkan pasti kereta akan berhenti memberikan laluan, khususnya di Belfast."

"Tolaklah ke tepi golongan bermasalah yang mengabaikan anak-anak mereka kerana di dalam masyarakat mana pun tetap ada karat dan daki yang menjadi cabaran sosial."

"Tetapi rata-rata saya dapat melihat bagaimana ibu bapa, khususnya mereka yang berpendidikan, begitu memuliakan anak-anak. Memuliakan dalam erti kata, mereka tidak melayan anak-anak seperti "separuh manusia" yang hanya ada fizikal untuk dilayan. Malah keperluan mental dan emosi anak-anak turut diusahakan sebaik mungkin."

"Lihat sahaja jawapan ayah kepada anaknya tadi. Si bapa tidak menunjukkan yang anak itu masih kanak-kanak, terhad keupayaan memahami atau soalannya hanya membuang masa. Malah si bapa terus menjawab soalan demi soalan secara orang dewasa. Bapa bukan sekadar mahu menjawab dan memahamkan si anak, tetapi sentiasa meletakkan jawapan di paras yang sedikit tinggi, dengan galakan untuk terus bertanya, supaya anak mengejar standard itu."

"Sentuhan pada usia muda seperti ini amat penting untuk menyuntik potensi anak-anak. Jangan dimatikan kebolehan anak-anak dengan kemalasan ibu bapa."

"Teringat kepada masjid kita. Rumah Allah yang tidak mengalu-alukan si anak kecil. Budak-budak sering menjadi sasaran kemarahan jemaah di masjid. Malah ada pula papan tanda "kanak-kanak tidak boleh melepasi garisan ini".

"Ada yang cuba menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan membahaskan tentang hukum. Apa hukum yang berkaitan khususnya dengan kanak-kanak lelaki yang belum berkhatan dan sebagainya."

"Tetapi bagi saya, layanan buruk terhadap kanak-kanak di masjid bukanlah kerana hukum. Tetapi kerana cara kita memandang kanak-kanak."

"Air Asia juga sudah tidak lagi memberikan prioriti kepada mereka yang menaiki pesawat dengan kanak-kanak, sebaliknya anda perlu membayar duit untuk mendapat prioriti dalam barisan semasa masuk ke kapal terbang."

"Masalah ini bukan masalah masjid dan hukum, tetapi kita datang dari sebuah masyarakat yang memandang rendah kepada kanak-kanak. Semuanya bersifat satu hala. Komunikasi satu hala, dan arahan satu hala. Kita memandang kanak-kanak tidak lebih dari sekadar "separuh manusia" yang justeru itu dilayan "separuh manusiawi"."

"Apatah lagi masjid kita adalah kelab warga pencen yang secara tidak sedar memegang polisi "For Members Only."

Dalam peristiwa Isra' Wa Al-Mi'raj menggambarkan peri pentingnya manusia itu dididik dengan satu sistem yang sempurna dan penuh hikmah. Itulah yang dapat kita pelajari dari pengalaman Ustaz Hasrizal.

Subuh esoknya Kol. Basri memberikan sepotong keratan akhbar The Sun mengenai komen seorang pelajar Dutch tentang sistem pendidikan di negara ini...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Begitulah alkisahnya.

Biasalah Ku Li...bila tak da kuasa kita nak buat macam2. Semuanya idealistic belaka. Tapi apa Ku Li buleh buat? Dalam UMNOpun orang dah tak nak dah...

Macam Che Det jugalah. La ni dah tak da apa2...sibuklah cakap pasal menteri rasuah dan sebagainya. Masa jadi PM dulu dialah bapak segala rasuah.

Pak Lah pun cam tu jugak...dah pencen baru nak hapuskan ISA. Ngok giler...!!

Bak kata Dato' MSY..."Jangan tipu melayu...melayu dah lama kena tipu..!!" He he!!

Ku Li says Petronas must pay Kelantan oil royalties
By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – Former Petronas chairman Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has rubbished reasons given by the federal government over its dismissal of the Kelantan state government’s claim on oil royalties and says that the national oil company is obligated by law to pay up.

The Kelantan state government has claimed that is is owed RM1 billion in royalties from oil that has been extracted in an offshore area bordering Thailand.

In response, Information Communication and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim had said that the Kelantan demand for oil royalty had no legal basis and was made to earn political mileage.

According to Tengku Razaleigh however, the vesting deed agreement, which he signed on behalf of Petronas as founding chairman and CEO, entitles the state to five per cent of any revenue derived from hydrocarbon deposits found on or offshore of the state.

“If I am chairman still of Petronas, I will pay without all the fuss,” he told The Malaysian Insider in an interview earlier this week. “And I feel all the more it should be paid because I signed the agreement! There is no two ways about it. It must be paid.”

The former finance minister declined to comment on whether political considerations played a part in the decision not to pay Kelantan oil royalties but noted that Terengganu oil royalty payments were suspended when it was under the opposition but was reinstated when it returned to Barisan Nasional rule last year.

“I don’t know what kind of politics they are playing,” he said.

He also agreed with the view that the government is currently overdependent on Petronas oil revenue and that it needs to scale down expenditure.

The following is the conversation between The Malaysian Insider (TMI) and Tengku Razaleigh, who is also known as Ku Li:

TMI: The Kelantan state government has requested that the Federal government pay them RM1 billion worth of oil royalties due to them since 2004. Do you agree with this request?

Ku Li: I think it is a very straightforward issue. It shouldn’t be an issue because we signed the vesting deed agreement with all the state governments, including Sabah and Sarawak. And it’s very straightforward and very simple piece of legislation. Anybody who reads it will understand it without having to consult a lawyer.

Simply put, we agreed to pay any state in the federation if oil is found onshore or offshore. In this instance, oil is found offshore, which is a joint development area with Thailand. And it became like that because we did not file with the Law of the Sea Convention in Geneva to reiterate that that was our offshore area. So the Thais decided to move ahead and as a result, through negotiation, we adopted the same area as a joint development area. Now that is just off the state of Kelantan.

Under the vesting deed agreement, if oil is found there and Petronas make profit from the joint development and of course it is 50:50 share (with Thailand), Petronas will earn 50 per cent of profit. If they earn that much money, then 5 per cent must be paid to the state in cash
TMI: So the question of the fact that it is a disputed area does not arise at all?

Ku Li: No, no. Because Petronas is operating in what is an offshore area of Kelantan. It is very straightforward. Otherwise Petronas cannot have a joint venture with Thailand.

TMI: Is there any legal redress available to the state?

Ku Li: I don’t think there is a legal redress, I think it is obligatory on the part of Petronas to pay. You see, the whole thing behind this issue was, I went to Tun Razak, who was prime minister then. I said: let’s do this vesting deed agreement because Selangor and Perak were difficult with us at that time, to sign the vesting deed agreement. So I told Tun Razak that on the east coast, there is potential for oil and gas. And why not we also do the same to bring in uniformity and we pay 5 per cent even if oil is found offshore in the area that is under the federal jurisdiction. So it was agreed and since we signed with the mentri besar of Kelantan, or I signed with the mentri besar of Kelantan the vesting deed agreement, if oil is found in the offshore area, although it is under the federal jurisdiction, even though it is in joint venture with the Thais today, 5 per cent must be paid to the state. As simple as all that.

TMI: So with that agreement, the state can take Petronas to court?

Ku Li: I don’t think there is a need to take Petronas to court. Petronas has to pay, that’s all. If I am chairman still of Petronas, I will pay without all the fuss. Because, look, we have this money and we want to help states like Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah because those states are poor states, undeveloped states, like Sabah, Sarawak, they are also undeveloped states. Why grudge the pay? Those people are tax payers all the same. They may have supported PAS in the last election. But it does not mean they are not citizens of this country. They have same rights as the others.

TMI: Do you feel that’s the reason why they are not getting paid?

Ku Li: I am not making any guess. But I think they should be paid because the law says so. And I feel all the more it should be paid because I signed the agreement! There is no two ways about it. It must be paid. Previously they suspended payment to the state of Terengganu, when it was previously receiving this cash payment from Petronas. I don’t know why they did that. Maybe for political reasons. Now it has been restored because under the law, you have to pay the state. You cannot pay to the federal government departments here. Because they’re not entitled to it. It’s the state concerned that it entitled to the payment. Similarly with Kelantan. There is no escape. I don’t know what kind of politics they are playing.

TMI: Do you think the federal government is overdependent on Petronas for revenue? As of last year, 45 per cent of their revenue came from Petronas. According to the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, the government operating expenditure is going to exceed revenue.

Ku Li: It would, because of the pension bill and all the extraneous expenses incurred. Naturally, it will. And the interest, the cost of money, that the government bears is large. Unless they scale this down. I am sure the expenditure is going to be more than revenue and because of that, I think they are quite dependent on Petronas revenue now. But the Petronas revenue is falling, because of the fall in the price of crude oil. The world price has fallen.

TMI: I get a sense from the people I speak to at Petronas that they are not happy about the pressure being applied on them.

Ku Li: Well, the government has no money (chuckles). Basic. I’m told that some of the contracts awarded prior to this, are being delayed because payment has not been made, because the government has to reschedule the repayment of the contract work.

Salah satu sebab Malaysia hilang Pulau Batu Putih

Mungkin salah satu sebab kita kalah dengan Singapore ialah kita hantar wakil yang tak fasih berbahasa inggeris. Kesian Malaysia....

Kit Siang slams AG for bad English and duplicity

"In the first place, the Attorney-General should brush up his command of the English language. “Duplicitous” is derived from “duplicity” described as “double-dealing, deceitfulness” (Oxford Compact English Dictionary) What Gani intends to say is “duplication”, Lim said Saturday..

Friday, July 24, 2009


Program Isra' & Mi'raj
Salam sejahtera buat semua ahli kariah Masjid Bukit Indah.....Malam ini 24 Julai 2009, selepas maghrib jangan lupa Forum Isra' & Mi'raj bertajuk "Teladan Sepanjang Zaman dari Isra' wal mi'raj".
Ahli panel ialah Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil (Saiful Islam) dan Ustaz Zamri Zainal Abidin (Mari Mengaji).
Pada asalnya ialah Ust Zahazan, tetapi Ust Zahazan tidak dapat datang.
Alhamdulillah dapat cari ganti dengan pertolongan Ust Zahazan yang tidak kurang terkenalnya, iaitu Us Zamri.
Sila datang beramai-ramai untuk majlis ilmu ini.
"Sesungguhnya Allah mengangkat darjat orang-orang beriman dari kalangan kamu dan orang-orang yang diberikan ilmu dengan beberapa darjat".


Seperti yang dijangka...

Kes Anwar: Pendakwa dibenar tangguh serah dokumen
S Pathmawathy Jul 24, 09 11:54am

Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur membenarkan pendakwaraya menangguhkan dahulu penyerahan dokumen berkaitan kes liwat Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim, sementara menunggu keputusan rayuan mereka di Mahkamah Rayuan terhadap perintah tersebut.

Hakim Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Dian membenarkan permohonan pendakwaraya itu pagi ini.

Pendakwaraya memohon penangguhan penyerahan dokumen itu atas alasan:

Perintah mahkamah supaya menyerahkan dokumen tersebut kepada tertuduh mempunyai implikasi dan kesan, bukan sahaja terhadap kes liwat tersebut, tetapi juga kes-kes jenayah yang lain.

Ia akan mengelak rayuan pendakwaraya di Mahkamah Rayuan daripada menjadi akademik, kerana ia membabit persoalan perundangan tertentu.

Perkara memberi salinan kenyataan saksi kepada Anwar, membabitkan persoalan undang-undang yang perlu diputuskan terlebih dahulu oleh mahkamah rayuan, sebelum Mahkamah Tinggi meneruskan perbicaraan kes tersebut.

Baca berita penuh


Kenyataan YB Dr. Lo’lo’ isu hukuman sebat ke atas pesalah minum arak untuk membetulkan kenyataan media.
Artikel bertarikh 23/07/2009 dengan tajuk-tajuk berikut “Outrage Over Caning For Model” dan “Syariah Lawyers Association Regrets Shahrizat’s Statement On Whipping Of Model” adalah dirujuk. Di dalam kedua-dua artikel tersebut ada menyiarkan seperti berikut : a) Titiwangsa MP Lo'lo Mohd Ghazali, who is also head of the women's wing of the opposition PAS, said that punishment should educate and not cause hurt. b) Shahrizat said she was shocked by the Syariah Court decision and called for a fair and just punishment. Meanwhile, Dr Lo'lo was surprised that whipping of women was sanctioned by the Malaysian syariah law adding punishment should be educational, and not to cause hurt. Petang semalam saya telah dihubungi oleh wartawan meminta saya memberi sedikit komen berkaitan hukuman oleh Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan yang menjatuhkan hukuman sebat terhadap seorang model sambilan atas kesalahn meminum arak. Saya telah memberikan komen saya dengan sucihati megikut pengetahuan saya berkaitan hukuman dan realiti masyarakat Malaysia. Malangnya terdapat pihak-pihak yang melihat kenyataan di akhbar dari konteks yang lain. Pertama, saya terkejut dengan hukuman yang dijatuhkan oleh Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan ke atas model tersebut. Memang saya terkejut kerana ada juga Mahkamah Syariah di Malaysia yang berupaya menghukum pesalah dengan hukuman sebegitu walaupun peruntukkan tersebut telah lama ada. Tetapi baru sekarang hukuman sebegitu dijatuhkan bagi pesalah kesalahan tersebut. Saya amat bersetuju dengan hukuman tersebut kerana sekurang-kurangnya hukuman tersebut begitu hampir dengan hukuman Hudud. Di dalam Hudud, hukuman bagi pesalah minum arak adalah 40 kali sebatan malah ada ulamak yang mengatakan sehingga 80 kali sebatan. Sebelum ini tiada Mahkamah yang menjatuhkan hukuman sebegitu walau pun Mahkamah Syariah sepatutnya menghukum mengikut hukaman Allah tetapi di Malaysia ini hukuman yang dikenakan tidak seperti yang ditetapkan Allah dalam Al-Quran dan Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W. Apabila Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan menjatuhkan hukuman sebat ke atas model tersebut, ini membuatkan saya terkejut. Bukan terkejut kerana hukuman tetapi terkejut kerana keberanian Hakim Mahkamah Syariah tersebut. Syabas kepada beliau. Kedua, saya mengatakan sebarang bentuk hukuman yang dikenakan samada denda, sebatan atau penjara, semuanya hendaklah dalam bentuk untuk memberi pengajaran kepada pesalah, bukannya untuk mendera atau menyebabkan kecederaan kepada pesalah. Hukuman di dalam Islam adalah untuk memberikan pengajaran kepada pesalah dan khalayak supaya menginsafi perbuatan itu. Di dalam kes ini, saya berpendapat masyarakat umumnya masih tidak memahami kaedah bagaimana sebatan ke atas pesalah dilakukan. Adakah ianya dilakukan sama seperti pesalah-pesalah jenayah lain di dalam undang-undang jenayah sivil. Masyarakat umum mengetahui bagaimana hukuman sebat dilakukan ke atas pesalah jenayah sivil seperti di dalam kes pengedaran dadah, merogol, meliwat dan sebagainya. Adakah hukuman sebat di Mahkamah Syariah dilakukan dengan kaedah yang sama? Inilah kebimbangan yang saya sebutkan kepada wartawan tersebut bimbang hukuman sebat ini dianggap sebagai hukuman Mahkamah Sivil sehingga memberi tanggapan buruk kepada Mahkamah Syariah, lebih-lebih lagi yang dihukum seorang wanita. Ini yang perlu diperjelaskan. Inilah maksud saya bila saya mengatakan hukuman sepatutnya untuk tujuan pengajaran, bukan untuk mendatangkan kecederaan. Saya merujuk kepada Titiwangsa MP Lo'lo Mohd Ghazali, who is also head of the women's wing of the opposition PAS, said that punishment should educate and not cause hurt. Artikel ini dengan jelas tidak tepat kerana saya bukan Ketua Muslimat PAS seperti yang didakwa. Justeru saya mengharapkan agar tiada pihak yang sewenang-wenangnya mempercayai sebarang tulisan di akhbar sebelum mendapat maklumat secukupnya. Saya kira sudah sampai masanya pihak berkuasa di Malaysia iaitu UMNO/BN “merotan” Pengurus MAS yang menyebabkan semua mereka yang berada dalam satu-satu penerbangan terlibat secara langsung dengan arak, iaitu dari pramugara/i yang hidang arak sehinggalah pilot yang mengemudi kapal terbang tersebut. Begitu juga perlu “disebat” pihak yang terbabit berpuluh-puluh tahun membiarkan orang-orang Islam terlibat secara langsung dengan arak di hotel-hotel, 7- Eleven, pasaraya-pasaraya dan pekerja-pekerja Islam di kilang Carlberg. Akhir sekali, SYABAS KEPADA MAHKAMAH SYARIAH KUANTAN dan Syukur Alhamdulillah kepada Puan Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor yang telah menginsafi perbuatan tersebut. Moga Allah menerima taubat hambaNya yang menyesali kesalahan. DI SINI SAYA LONTARKAN PERSOALAN INI KEPADA SEMUA ORANG ISLAM DI MALAYSIA, SIAPAKAH YANG SEPATUTNYA DISEBAT DALAM ISU ARAK DI MALAYSIA??...


Tak taulah teman betul ke idak? Kununnya Ong Teang Keat diugut kerana keberaniannya (sekali lagi..kununnya) mendedahkan laporan Price Waterhouse mengenai penyelewengan PKFZ.

Kalau idak masakan menteri2 MCA membuat kenyataan bersama menyokong boss mereka? MCA ministers and deputy ministers back Ong

Kalu idak masakan Musa Hassan (kununnya) akan melindungi Ong kalu laporan dibuat? - No Holds Barred, Corridors of Power and more ... Macam serius bebeno gayenye...

Sapa yang mengugut Ong? Umno? Tak taulah teman...mungkin kemasukan Chua Jui Meng ke dalam PKRpun ada muslihat politik MCA/UMNO??? Cuba baca ni...MCA’s Jui Meng jumps to PKR . Mungkin betul..kerana banyak juga tokoh Umno yang terpalit....

MCA, he said, was no longer able to make the changes desired by the people as long as it bows down to what he calls the bullish leadership of BN's masters Umno.


Satu Lagi Surohanjaya?
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Kata Dr Mahathir orang Melayu mudah lupa; saya pula kata orang Malaysia juga mudah lupa. Dari tragedi kematian Teoh Beng Huat, ada antara kita yang sudah pun puas hati dengan pengumuman penubuhan Suruhanjaya Diraja oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Seolah-olah dengan adanya pengumuman itu, semua masalah akan selesai.

Nampaknya ada orang Malaysia sudah lupa dalam soal salah laku polis dan kes-kes kematian semasa siatan dan sewaktu dalam tahanan. Mereka sudah lupa bahawa cadangan-cadangan pokok yang dibuat oleh Tun Dzaiddin dan Tun Hanif dalam Laporan Suruhanjaya Aduan dan Salahlaku Polis (IPCMC) lima tahun lalu masih belum dilaksanakan.

Mereka juga lupa mengenai cadangan-cadangan Suruhanjaya Diraja yang diketuai oleh Tan Sri Haidar mengenai kes pita video V.K. Lingam. Walaupun kandungan laporan itu sudah dimaklumkan kepada umum, dan secara “prima facie” memang ada kes salah laku oleh orang-orang ternama, tindakan susulan yang sepatutnya dilaksanakan oleh Peguam Negara tidak pun berlaku.

Kini satu lagi sejarah hitam berlaku dalam negara kita di mana Teoh menjadi mangsanya. Rakyat Malaysia sekali lagi mahu sa buah Suruhanjaya untuk menyiasat kematian Teoh. Nampaknya sekali lagi kita akan dipermainkan, dan sudah pasti kita akan terus kecewa dan hampa.
Perdana Menteri menyediakan dua badan untuk menyiasat kes tersebut. Oleh kerana rakyat mahukan Suruhanjaya Diraja, maka Najib menghadiahkan satu Suruhanjaya tapi ia hanya untuk menyiasat prosedur yang digunakan oleh pihak penyiasat, iaitu Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM). Yang menyiasat soal pokok yang lebih besar dan penting, iaitu mengenal punca sebab kematian Teoh yang memang semua orang ingin tahu; Najib menyerahkan tugas yang maha berat itu kepada seorang majistret, iaitu pegawai mahkamah yang paling rendah pangkat dan kedudukannya di bawah kawalan Peguam Negara.

Jadi, marilah kita sama-sama fikirkan sendiri, sejauh mana hasil siasatan sa orang majistret dan sama ada kebenaran akan terserlah nanti. Saya jangka satu lagi “cover up” akan berlaku.

Ingin dingatkan bahawa Suruhanjaya Diraja di bawah undang-undang hanya boleh membuat cadangan-cadangan sahaja. Tindakan muktamad terhadap orang yang didapati bersalah bergantung kepada Peguam Negara. Kalau Peguam Negara kata tak ada salah laku, maka dengan itu tak wujudlah kesalahan, walaupun Suruhanjaya Diraja mendapati ada kesalahan. Tengoklah apa yang berlaku dalam kes pita video Lingam. Sampai hari ini, yang jelas bersalah masih belum di bawa kamuka pengadilan.

Kalau rakyat mahu tahu dengan sebenar-benarnya mengenai bagaimana dan sebab-sebab Teoh, A. Kugan dan 1,500 orang lagi yang mati dalam tahanan sejak 6 tahun lalu, hanya ada satu cara sahaja – KITA MESTI MENOLAK BN. Biarlah Pakatan Rakyat pula diberi peluang memerintah. Itu sahaja harapan kita untok mengetahui perkara yang sabenar.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Debat Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa Dengan Wakil UMNO Yang Tidak Dilaporkan..

Apabila saya berdebat dengan Umno
Oleh Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa

Beberapa bulan selepas kemenangan PR, kedengaran Umno begitu berminat untuk berbincang dengan PAS. Orang-orang Umno lebih lunak dalam serangan politiknya kepada PAS berbanding dengan rakan-rakan PR yang lain dari DAP dan PKR. PKR Umno “belasah” dengan isu Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang tak habis-habis manakala DAP mereka serang dengan serangan berbau “perkauman” supaya orang Melayu terus kekal benci kepada parti “chauvinist” Cina itu.

Saya perasan Umno tidak sangat “hentam” PAS, kalau adapun kepada peribadi Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Bila isu Kerajaan Perpaduan dimainkan, tiba-tiba beberapa nama pemimpin PAS jadi “harum” manakala nama Nik Aziz terus menjadi sasaran kecaman demi kecaman. Itu senario hubungan PAS-Umno yang pelik. Kini Umno bercakap tentang perpaduan Islam-Melayu dan peliknya ialah perpaduan itu hanya dengan PAS.

Bila Datuk Seri Presiden PAS menegaskan bahawa perpaduan mesti dibawa bersama rakan-rakan dari Pakatan, Umno kata “no” … hanya dengan PAS. Itulah yang saya katakan pelik dan saya mengandaikan ia bukan usaha perpaduan tetapi usaha memecahkan perpaduan dalam PR.

Saya kaitkan cerita di atas dengan Umno di Pulau Pinang yang lebih “tebal” Melayunya, mungkin kerana Melayu adalah minoriti di Pulau Pinang. Umno di Pulau Pinang tak ketinggalan nak ambil kesempatan ini untuk “mengurat” PAS di Pulau Pinang untuk bincang masalah Melayu Pulau Pinang secara khusus dan isu perpaduan secara umum.

Satu hari semasa saya bertemu Abang Non, Ketua Penerangan PAS Kawasan Bayan Baru di mana saya adalah YDPnya terpacul soalan dengan penuh semangat tentang cerita Umno Bayan Baru nak jumpa dengan PAS, Abang Non kata dengan pelek bahasa Tanjong yang pekat “… depa habaq mai kata nak bincang dengan kita, saya kata nanti sat kami bincang, YB Mujahid tak dak masalah mesti dia bersedia nak jumpa dengan hangpa… bolehka ustaz?”

Abang Non yang saya kenal memang semangat orangnya, kalau cakap jangan duduk dekat kerana tangan dan kepalanya bergerak merata. Saya mengangguk setuju seraya berkata: “Tak dak masalah eehh, kalau nak bincang PAS memang bersedia tapi bukan pi nak serahh tengkok!” Usaha PAS dan Umno Bayan Baru habis di situ aja kerana tidak ada perkembangan selanjutnya.

Lain pula apabila saya berjumpa dengan Raja Munir Shah, seorang tokoh muda Umno Tanjung yang memegang jawatan Timbalan Ketua Bahagian Umno Tanjung, dia begitu bersemangat bercakap tentang perlunya PAS Pulalu Pinang dengan Umno Pulau Pinang berbincang dalam senario politik baru. Saya bertemu dengannya di program menyambut Pulau Pinang sebagai Bandaraya Warisan anjuran USM, khusus tentang kebudayaan Islam dan Melayu di Pulau Pinang. Saya dijemput sebagai salah seorang ahli panel bersama dengan Umno dan tokoh akademik Prof Muhammad Salleh seorang Sasterawan Negara. Majlis dirasmikan oleh YB Danny Law sebagai exco Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Dalam majlis itu saya sempat mengutarakan persoalan budaya Melayu dan Islam yang dilihat tidak diberi tumpuan khususnsya bangunan bersejarah dan masjid Acheh yang terpinggir dalam pamplet-pamplet mempromosikan Pulau Pinang serta akses jalan yang tidak dipermudahkan untuk sampai ke sana seolah-olah terperosot.

Lepas majlis saya bersembang dengan Raja Munir dan dia terus mencadangkan sesuatu perlu dibuat dalam konteks Pulau Pinang antara PAS dengan Umno. Saya bersetuju secara asas, isu ini dibincang dalam suasana ketamadunan dan rasional bukan sentimen dan dasar perkauman.

Hasil dari pertemuan itu, dua bulan sudah saya menerima jemputan dari Umno Tanjung untuk diadakan Wacana Ilmiyah dengan tajuk besarnya ialah Perpaduan Ummah. Dalam surat yang saya terima saya difahamkan Umno akan diwakili oleh Ketua Pemudanya Khairy Jamaludin dan Shahbudin Yahya, ADUN Permatang Berangan dari Umno Pulau Pinang, manakala moderatornya adalah Dr Suhaimi dari USM. Saya menerima jemputan itu dengan sikap terbuka, lagipun bukankah satu aspek ketamudunan itu ialah berwacana, berdebat dan berdiskusi walaupun dengan pandangan yang berbeza? Selagimana kita jelas dasar dan halatuju serta sedar masalah yang berlaku, saya tidak perlu takut untuk berdepan dengan pihak yang selama ini mempertikaikan saya. Atas dasar itu saya bersetuju untuk hadir “wacana ilmiyah” pada 11 Julai, pukul 2.30 petang di Kompleks Penyayang, Pulau Pinang.

Tiba hari itu saya disambut dengan mesra oleh penganjur iaitu Umno Tanjung, malah hampir kesemua yang saya temui adalah rakan atau kenalan dan sebahagian besarnya mengenali saya kerana Pak Yusof Rawa. Itulah uniknya orang Melayu Pulau Pinang mungkin kerana mereka minoriti mereka tidak sangat dipisahkan dengan “political divide” mereka lebih berminat untuk memikirkan survival Melayu Pulau Pinang di mana semua PAS dan Umno bersetuju secara dasarnya masalah ini perlu ditangani bersama. Dengan sebab itu juga Pak Yusof Rawa walaupun tokoh PAS, tetapi disanjungi sebagai orang Melayu Pulau Pinang yang berjaya dan prihatin kepada nasib orang Melayu Pulau Pinang. Saya menumpang keadaan itu, sebab itu pada awal lagi saya sudah tahu parameter saya dalam berwacana nanti.

Saya juga tahu masalah Melayu Pulau Pinang yang saya kuasai sejak dulu lagi kerana saya anak jati Pulau Mutiara cuma saya bukan anak mami saja, anak keturunan Rao atau Rawa yang merantau sejak Tok Wan saya, saya generasi ke 3, perantau dari Rawa, Sumatra. Orang PAS pun ramai yang datang, tetapi masing-masing seperti saya kenal mengenali antara satu sama lain, walaupun janggal untuk berada dalam dewan yang penuh dengan bendera Umno, tapi orang PAS tak kisah, mereka nak dengar apa pemmpin mereka akan kata dalam wacana ini. Lalu saya diperkenalkan dengan ustaz Affendi Mohd Yusof, Exco Pemuda Umno, Pengerusi Biro Agama, anak muda yang berpendidikan agama dari Jordan dengan pakaian tipical Pemuda Umno, songkok dan baju putih tangan pendek. Saya berpakaian batik merah dan kopiah putih kain keras (kupiah ustaz Fadhil), tipikal PAS dan suasana dewan berdebar kerana ini kali pertama PAS dengan Umno bersemuka, walaupun bukan pada tahap tinggi, tetapi cukup untuk “meletup” dengan isu-isu yang terpendam lama selama ini antara PAS dengan Umno. Oh ya, YB Khairy Jamaludin dan YB Shahabudin tidak hadir kerana berkempen di Manek Urai, itu menurut penganjur.

Tajuk “Kesatuan Ummah, retorik atau survival”, Raja Munir jadi moderator (takkan Dr Suhaimi yang sepatutnya moderator, pergi Manek Urai jugak…). Saya diberi pembicara yang pertama, lalu saya mulakan dengan ayat-ayat Al Quran yang menganjurkan perpaduan dan kesatuan, saya turut membawa buku-buku rujukan atas alasan tidak mahu tersasar tajuk dan bercakap atas hawa nafsu. Buku yang saya bawa, Unsur Kekuatan dalam Islam, Syed Sabiq, Mengapa Umat Islam DiLanda Perpecahan? Oleh Drs Munawwar Khalis, Min Fiqh Daulah oleh Qaradhawi dan dua buku Jameelah Abu Bakar tentang Melayu Pulau Pinang.

Alhamdulillah suasana pembentangan saya terkawal kerana disandarkan kepada ayat-ayat Al Quran dan petikan buku. Saya terlalu cermat dengan masa kerana menghormati majlis, maklumlah PAS dijemput, jadi saya terpaksa beradab dan berhati-hati. Lagipun saya mesti menunjukkan keterampilan kepimpinan PAS di hadapan orang Umno dan orang PAS sendiri.

Tiba giliran Ustaz Affendi yang pada 5 minit pertama sahaja menyetujui point-point saya, kemudian daripada itu semuanya menyerang peribadi dan kata-kata Tuan Guru Nik Aziz seolah-olah dia berada di Manek Urai berkempen. Saya melihat orang Umno pun tercengang kerana ucapan berdalilkan Al Quran dan petikan buku dijawab dengan serangan-serangan kepada pemimpin tertinggi saya, Mursyidul Am PAS. Pengalaman di Kelantan dibawa dengan kata-kata sinis yang pedih ditujukan kepada PAS. Dalam hati saya, ini bukan ilmiyah, ini kempen politik yang layak untuk berhibur sahaja, kita sedang mencari jalan atau sekuang-kurangnya melihat masa depan, bukan membebel politik.

Ustaz Affendi juga turut menuduh PAS sudah ada unsur rasuah dalam pemilihannya! Semasa pembentangan Umno suasana jadi panas, kedengaran suara orang-orang PAS berbisik sesama mereka sambil menjeling marah kepada wakil Umno, tidak kurang wajah moderator dan Pengerusi Umno Tanjung, Datuk Ahmad Ibni Hajar menunjukkan ketidakselesaan sambil mencuri pandangan kepada saya untuk melihat reaksi saya. Saya senyum dan sesekali serius mencatit apa yang “dihemburkan” oleh ustaz kita.

Selesai ucapan saya diberi peluang untuk menjawab dan membuat penjelasan atas soalan apakah peranan kita sebagai orang bawahan menentukan masa depan kesatuan ummah selain orang pemimpin. Saya memulakan dengan melahirkan sikap kesal saya kepada apa yang diutarakan oleh wakil Umno dan meminta supaya kita fokus kepada tajuk dan saya secara sinis menyindir: “Kalau nak kempen simpan nanti di Manek Urai, bukan di sini, kami tak ada masalah permusuhan seperti yang disebut di Kelantan!’ sindiran saya mendapat tepukan gemuruh daripada hadirin termasuk orang Umno.

Kedua saya tegaskan bahawa saya di sini bukan untuk membantai pemimpin Umno, tidak seperti wakil Umno yang membantai Tok Guru Nik Aziz yang menjadi pemimpin No. 1 PAS. Saya turut menyindir kepada ustaz kita, adalah tidak cerdik menuduh seseorang sedangkan dia tidak ada di hadapan melainkan ia dianggap fitnah untuk memburukkan keadaan! Sekali lagi tepukan dari para hadirin… tentang rasuah dalam PAS, saya menegaskan bahawa sebagai AJK PAS Pusat saya tidak tahu adanya aduan rasmi, yang ada ialah Ketua Dewan Ulamak PAS memberi peringatan kepada calon-calon bukan menuduh rasuah, tetapi yang pasti Ketua Pemuda Umno dan Ketua Menteri Melaka memang disabitkan kesalahannya kerana rasuah dalam pertandingan Umno baru-baru ini, seluruh dunia mengetahuinya! Kali ini tepukan lebih gemuruh.

Saya turut menyebut tentang apa yang Umno buat untuk orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang? Saya juga menegaskan saya Melayu, saya Islam tetapi saya mengidamkan Melayu yang bermoral dan Islam yang beramal dan saya mengidamkan parti saya adalah parti yang disegani kerana moralnya bukan parti yang terpalit dengan rasuah! Saya sekadar menjawab “serangan” yang dimulakan tetapi dalam nada yang penuh kawalan dan suara yang slumber, itu memberi kelebihan kepada saya untuk menguasai keadaan.

Saya turut menghulurkan tawaran untuk menjadikan isu Melayu Pulau Pinang dijadikan agenda penting Pakatan Rakyat di Pulau Pinang dan semua pihak harus menyokong usaha murni ini tanpa terikat dengan kepentingan parti masing-masing. Saya mencadangkan isu-isu segera ditangani bersama seperti isu kubur di Jelutung, Isu kampong Melayu di Tanjong Tokong di bawah UDA. Begitu juga isu sejarah orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang yang tidak disebut sebagai orang pertama yang sudah membuka dan meneroka tanah di Pulau, mereka hanya menyebut Francis Light sebagai orang yang membuka Pulau Pinang. Saya menegaskan ini perlu ditangani bersama oleh semua pihak dan saya menjaminkan bahawa PAS akan menegaskan kecelaruan sejarah ini. Sebenarnya isu ini memang sudah lama diperjuangkan di Pulau Pinang dan seperti suis lampu, apabila saya menyentuhnya tenggelamlah karut marut serangan ke atas PAS dalam ucapan wakil Umno tadi.

Semasa sesi soal jawab beratur peserta untuk ambil bahagian dari kedua belah pihak, anehnya dalam soal jawab itu orang Umno turut mempertikaikan peranan Umno selama ini di Pulau Pinang, malah untuk kepentingan Melayu dan Islam di Pinang Pinang mereka menyarankan supaya hari ini sebagai kerajaan biarlah orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang, Umno atau PAS berada di bawah pimpinan Dr Mujahid.

Datuk Ahmad Ibnu Hajar dan Raja Munir tersenyum termasuklah saya memandangkan wakil Umno yang berucap itu terlalu bersemangat mahukan kesatuan. Sesi soal jawab berakhir dengan ucapan sinikal, geli hati dan ada dari wakil Umno yang marah kepada penganjur kerana tidak meletakkan bendera PAS dalam dewan dan backdrop pentas sambil bertanya “macamana nak bersatu?” Panas dan menarik majlis sehingga saya membatalkan jamuan teh petang di rumah Gabenor pada pukul 5 petang sempena Hari Kelahiran Tun Dr Abbas Abdul Rahman. Majlis berakhir pukul 7 malam dan saya sempat jadi “selebriti” kejap apabila buku saya yang saya bawa bersama minta di tulis otograf saya, ramai yang membelinya dari Umno, tak kurang mencuri peluang bergambar dengan ahli panel dan saya sebagai orang PAS yang datang ke majlis Umno Tanjung.

Hari itu saya terlalu letih kerana setelah selesai wacana, saya bergegas untuk kuliah Maghrib di Masjid Hashim Yahya, Kampong Dodol dan kerana hujan lebat sejak petang Kampong Dodol, P. Ramlee dan Kampong Makam banjir. Setelah selesai kuliah saya turun melihat banjir dan dibawa oleh Pertahanan Awam untuk naik bot melihat dan meninjau banjir di Jalan P. Ramlee.

Hujan terus lebat sehingga basah kuyup dibuatnya. Isteri saya turut mengharungi banjir di Kampong Makam untuk melihat mangsa dan kedengaran bunyi suara: “kalau isteri pemimpin Umno, tak sudilah nak harung banjir jumpa orang kampong!” saya senyum, isteri saya lagilah senyum lebar. Malam itu saya berehat di rumah saya di Telok Kumbar. Saya betul-betul letih, hanfon saya tak henti SMS tetapi saya abaikan sahaja. Esoknya bangun untuk kuliah subuh di mesjid Gelugor, saya sempat melihat kebanyakan SMS mengucap tahniah tentang debat dengan Umno ada yang berbunyi: “Pemimpin PAS lebih jauh berpandangan dan mampu berhujah dengan nas dan bukti yang kuat, Umno dan PAS bagai langit dengan bumi”.

Itulah kisah pada 11 Julai. Pada 12 Julai selesai kuliah subuh di masjid Gelugor saya bersiap sedia pula untuk kuliah bulanan saya di Tabung Haji Bayan Lepas di mana beratus anak murid saya sedang menunggu untuk kuliah Sirah yang saya sudah mulakan sejak 3 tahun yang lalu. Sesungguhnya tugasan lebih besar daripada peruntukan masa yang ada… - Insider

Tak payah bela orang minum arak!!

Teman menyampah baca berita ini...Shock over whipping sentence...

Teman tak heran bila Shahrizat Abdul Jalil menyuarakan kekesalannya...(what do you expect?)...

"I am extremely shocked and feel very strongly about this new development. Though it is wrong in Syariah to consume alcohol, the punishment must be fair and just," she said, adding her ministry is following the case ery closely.

"What is wrong is wrong but the implementation of the Syariah must be fair and just to everyone, including women," she said, adding in civil law there is no provision for women to be caned.

Tapi yang menyedihkan ialah kenyataan Dr Lo'Lo Datuk Mohd Ghazali yang menyatakan rasa terkejut beliau...

"The punishment must be more educational rather than causing hurt to a woman to make her reform," she said, adding the whipping sentence was very harsh.

It's the first time she is hearing about a whipping punishment.

"So far nobody, not even a male, has been whipped under the Syariah in Malaysia," said the Pas Women wing head, who last month came to the defence of Sisters in Islam after PAS announced that it wanted the National Fatwa Council to ban the non-governmental organisation.

"I do not know how the whipping punishment is going to be carried out on women. Is it going to be symbolic or real whipping," she said.

Hmmm apa dah jadi? Kalu nak berpolitikpun jangan lupa hukum...

Lebih2 lagi wanita yang kena hukum tupun ok aje...

“I will accept this earthly punishment, let Allah decide my punishment in the hereafter... The court has yet to tell me when the sentence will be carried out, so I would like to ask them to hasten it.

“I truly respect the court's decision... I admit that it's my offence and not that of others, it's not the offence of my parents, not the offence of my other family members,” a teary Kartika told reporters in her home town in Perak yesterday.

Cuma suaminya masih bengong...tak tau macam mana dia nak mendidik isterinya sedangkan...

She was drinking beer with her husband in a hotel in Cherating, Pahang, two years ago when she was caught by Islamic enforcement officers. She pleaded guilty last year.

Her husband, who is in Singapore, told The Straits Times that he was unhappy with the sentence.

“As a Muslim, I have the right to teach her and punish her myself because I'm her husband. That's what Islam taught us,” he said, adding that he wanted to remain anonymous.

“I don't understand why they decided to punish her. I don't think it's fair but let's leave it to God to judge the actions of those people who punished my wife.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ku Li: Cadangan Tindakan Suruhanjaya Mesti Dilaksanakan.

Penubuhan Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk menyiasat kematian Teoh Beng Hock memanglah kita alu-alukan.

Tetapi hasil siasatan dan cadangan tindakan Suruhanjaya mestilah dilaksanakan...jangan jadi macam kes Lingam. Hampeh!!

Memetik kata-kata Ku Li...

I think it is the right thing to do. Now, you are demanding for a Royal Commission and if it is ever set up then they should be neutral, independent and like I said, they should dig up everything and leave no stone unturned. The scope of the investigation is very important. Set up Royal Commission, a lot of hoo-ha and after some time, it dies down, nobody cares and I don't think it should be the case. This is a question of death you know. People want to know. I want to know. How could it happen? To a witness, who is going to give evidence and he is not even a suspect over the spending of RM2,400. Some people with millions of dollars, they get away with it and are not called for investigation..

Suruhanjaya diraja siasat kematian Teoh
Jul 22, 09 11:28am

kemaskini 3.42pm Mesyuarat mingguan jemaah menteri hari ini tunduk kepada desakan popular pelbagai pihak, termasuk pemimpin BN, agar ditubuhkan suruhanjaya diraja bagi menyiasat kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

Keputusan rasmi kabinet itu akan diumumkan oleh Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam satu sidang media khas di pejabat perdana menteri di Putrajaya jam 4 petang ini.

Susulan kematian mengejut dan penuh tanda tanya Teoh selepas disiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) berhubung dakwaan salah guna peruntukan DUN di Selangor, banyak pihak menggesa penubuhan suruhanjaya tersebut.

Teoh merupakan setiausaha politik exco kerajaan Selangor, Ean Yong Hian Wah.

NH Chan: Bila Sussana menolak, dia dituduh isteri yang curang...

Perverse reasons pervert justice in Anwar v PP
NH Chan Jul 22, 09 11:22am

I must apologize for the delay in giving this critique. The Court of Appeal gave its decision on July 1.

I received the "outline of reasons" from Ngan Siong Hing only last Friday, 17 July 2009.

Without him supplying me with a copy of the judgment of the Court of Appeal I would not be able to write this critique.

Also as I do not have access to a law library I depend a lot on his generosity to get the legal material that I need to write my essays for ordinary people to understand what the judges are talking about.

This is to enable the common people of this country to judge the judges for themselves.

The whole case can be understood just by readings 418A(l) and (2) and Section 376(l) and (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Power corrupts

David Pannick in his book ‘Judges', OUP, 1987, wrote, p 76: "In all societies throughout history, judges have occasionally been adversely affected by their power.

An early example occurs in the biblical story of Daniel and Susanna.

Two elders of the community were appointed to serve as judges. They saw Susanna walking in her husband's garden ‘and they were obsessed with lust for her'.

When she resisted their advances they falsely accused her of infidelity to her husband.

‘As they were elders of the people and judges, the assembly believed them and condemned her to death.' A young man named Daniel protested that an enquiry should be made into the judges' allegations.

He accused them of giving ‘unjust decisions, condemning the innocent and acquitting the guilty'.

Under his careful cross-examination, the judges were proved to be liars: ‘Daniel and Susanna' in ‘The Apocrypha'.

The English Bench has had its fair share of bad judges. . . .In the seventeenth century, the Bench ‘was cursed by a succession of ruffians in ermine [most notably Jeffreys and Scroggs (Sir William)], who, for the sake of court [royal] favour, violated the principles of law, the precepts of religion, and the dictates of humanity': John Lord Campbell, ‘Lives of the Lord Chancellors' (5th edn, 1868), vol 4, p 416.

The misuse of power

In ‘The Family Story', Butterworths, 1981, Lord Denning said, p 179: "The law itself should provide adequate and efficient remedies for the abuse or misuse of power from whatever quarter it may come.

No matter whom it is - who is guilty of the abuse or misuse. Be it government, national or local. Be it trade unions. Be it the press. Be it management. Be it labour.

Whoever it be, no matter how powerful, the law should provide a remedy for the abuse or misuse of power.

Else the oppressed will get to the point when they will stand it no longer.

They will find their own remedy. There will be anarchy. To my mind it is fundamental in our society that a judge should do his utmost to see that powers are not abused or misused.

If they come into conflict with the freedom of the individual - or with any other of our fundamental freedoms - then it is the province of the judge to hold the balance between the competing interests. In holding that balance the judges must put freedom first."
And at page 180, this was what Lord Denning said in 1949 in the Hamlyn lectures:
"Reviewing the position generally, the chief point which emerges is that we have not yet settled the principles upon which to control the new powers of the executive.
No one will suppose that the executive will never be guilty of the sins that are common to all of us.
You may be sure that they will sometimes do things which they ought not to do: and will not do things that they ought to do. But if and when wrongs are thereby suffered by any of us, what is the remedy? Our procedure for securing our personal freedom is efficient, but our procedure for preventing the abuse is not.
Just as the pick and shovel is no longer suitable for the minning of coal, so also the procedure of mandamus, certiorari, and actions on the case are not suitable for the winning of freedom in the new age.
They must be replaced by new and up-to-date machinery, by declarations, injunctions, and actions for negligence: and, in judicial matters, by compulsory powers to order a case stated.

Not our task

This is not a task for Parliament. Our representatives there cannot control the day-to-day activities of the many who administer the manifold activities of the State: nor can they award damages to those who are injured by any abuses.
The courts must do this. Of all the great tasks that lie ahead, this is the greatest. Properly exercised the new powers of the executive lead to the Welfare State: but abused they lead to the totalitarian State.
None such must ever be allowed in this country. We have in our time to deal with changes which are of constitutional significance to those which took place 300 years ago. Let us prove ourselves equal to the challenge.
"That lecture was given in 1949. Now, 30 years or so later (‘The Family Story' was published in 1981), I think we can say that we have achieved what I then hoped for." wrote Lord Denning. "We have now new and up-to-date machinery for the winning of freedom." he wrote, "We have declarations, injunctions, actions for negligence, and judicial review. All that is needed now is for the judges - and the Bar - to get to know how to use it."
I write about this in order to show how the common law was developed by great judges and Malaysia is a common law country.
So that most of us will know how and why we have inherited a great deal from the English common law which is the cradle of it all.
The common law is mostly the experience and the combined wisdom of great judges throughout history.

It took the British judges 700 or so years to have their common law as it is today.

The USA has a common law history of about 250 years. In Malaysia we have about 50 years since independence.
Let us be humble and learn from the mistakes of others. But for the moment, it seems that our present crop of judges have stopped in their tracks as far as the development of the common law is concerned.
Some of whom, especially those in the higher echelons, are sorely lacking in competency.

Using the tools of justice

All that is needed now is for the judges to know how to use it.
The Bar certainly knew how to use the new machinery to fight the abuse or misuse of power by the powers that be.
But not so the judges of the Court of Appeal in Anwar Ibrahim v P P.
But first, let me show you the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code that applies to this case.
I start with s 418A(1) and (2), thus:
41 8A. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 417 and subject to section 418B, the Public Prosecutor may in any particular case triable by a criminal Court subordinate to the High Court issue a certificate specifying the High Court in which the proceedings are to be instituted or transferred and requiring that the accused person be caused to appear or be produced before such High Court.
(2) The power of the Public Prosecutor under subsection (1) shall be exercised by him personally.
This draconian piece of legislation gives the Public Prosecutor the power to transfer any criminal case triable by a subordinate court to a High Court of the Public Prosecutor's choice.
But who is the Public Prosecutor? For this we have to refer to s 376 of the Criminal Procedure Code. It reads:
Tainted hands are biased hands

376. (1) The Attorney General shall be the Public Prosecutor and shall have the control and direction of all criminal proceedings under this Code.
(2) The Solicitor-General shall have all powers of a Deputy Public Prosecutor and shall act as Public Prosecutor in case of the absence or inability to act of the Attorney General.
Subsection (2) allows the Solicitor-General to act as Public Prosecutor in case of the inability of the Attorney General to act as such.
This means that if the Attorney General is disqualified to act on account of bias, as in this case, then in such a situation he is prevented from acting as the Public Prosecutor in as 418A application.
In which case the Solicitor-General shall act as Public Prosecutor unless the Solicitor-General is himself tainted with bias - in this case for supporting the Attorney General for what he had done that amounts to bias.
But justice is still served as the defendant can still be tried before a subordinate criminal court.
We are entitled to question the motive of the Attorney-General.
Why should he, in the mantle of Public Prosecutor, be so insistent and selective in the choice of a court to hear the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case?
To everyone in this country the charge of sodomy against Anwar Ibrahim is no different from any sodomy charge against any other wrongdoer, unless, the Attorney-General as Public Prosecutor wants to have a particular High Court to hear the case against Anwar Ibrahim.
But why so? What is so special about Anwar Ibrahim? Is he the Attorney-General's or someone's nemesis?
Such an act creates an impression to the general public that the prosecution wants to ensure a conviction by choosing the correct court to hear the case. To all of us right thinking Malaysians, this is unfair and unjust treatment of anyone who is accused of a crime.
Real motive formoving case

If the reader has the patience to read this article to the end, you will be shocked to learn of the real motive of the Attorney-General's insistence on a High Court of his choice.
The judgment of the Court of Appeal in Anwar Ibrahim vP P.
The judges of this Court of Appeal are Abdull Hamid Embong, Abu Samah Nordin and Jeffrey Tan Kok Wah JJCA.
Remember their names for posterity so that the bad judges of this country will be etched indelibly in our memory.
The judgment of the court was delivered by Abdull Hamid Embong JCA.
It was a unanimous decision so that the travesty of justice caused by the decision implicates all of them. He said in his judgment which is in numbered paragraphs:
52. In signing this certificate, the PP cannot be said to be exercising a quasi- judicial function, but merely an administrative one, and one that only he can exercise. (see PP v Oh Keng Seng [1976] 2 MU)
53. In this case, we are of the considered opinion that the rule that a person under a suspicion of bias should not act as an adjudicator is not applicable to the act of the PP in signing this certificate.
We would apply the exception that natural justice may be overridden by a statutory provision as enunciated in Franklin & Ors v Minister of Town and Country Planning [1948] AC [87], an exception which is applicable in both administrative and legislative process.
54. We rule that, in this instance, despite the allegations of bias and conflict of interest against him, the PP being the specific and only officer authorized by law to sign the S48A certificate, may do so.
His act cannot be impugned by reason of the imputed bias or conflict of interest. (see Mohd Zainal Abidin bin Abdul Mutalib v Mahathir Mohamed, Minister of Home Affairs and Anor [1989] 3 MU 170).
Fallacy of reasoning in judgment
In paragraph 52 (see above), the judge, Hamid Embong JCA, said that the Public Prosecutor was not exercising a quasi-judicial but an administrative function which only he as Public Officer can exercise.
This is not the law. The misuse of power may come from any quarter; it need not be from a person sitting in a judicial or quasi-judicial capacity.
As Lord Denning has put it: "No one will suppose that the executive will never be guilty of the sins that are common to all of us.
You may be sure that they will sometimes do things which they ought not to do: and will not do things that they ought to do.
But if and when wrongs are thereby suffered by any of us, what is the remedy?"
Nowadays there is always a remedy against the wrongdoings of public officials.
The Attorney General in this case, is no more than a salaried civil servant - he is subject to the remedy against the wrongdoings of a public official.
His employer is the Government of Malaysia and the CEO is the Prime Minister.
On the other hand, an English Attorney-General is a Minister in his own right and an elected representative of the House of Commons.
In The Queen v Gaming Board for Great Britain, exparte Benaim and Khaida (1970) 12 QB 417, 430 Lord Denning MR said:
It is not possible to lay down rigid rules as to when the principles of natural justice are to apply: nor as to their scope and extent.
Everything depends on the subject-matter: see what Tucker U said in Russel v Norfolk (Duke J) (1949) 1 All ER 109, 118 and Lord Upjohn in Durayappah v Fernando (1967) 2 AC 337, 349. At one time, it was said that the principles only apply to judicial proceedings and not to administrative proceedings.
Bias cannot stand in court
That heresy was scotched in Ridge v Baldwin (1964)1 AC 40, 77-79 per Lord Reid, 133 per Lord Hodson.
Ridge v Baldwin was a decision of the House of Lords. It was followed and applied by the Federal Court in Ketua Pengarah Kastam v Ho Kwan Seng (1977) 2 MU 152.
This makes the common law decision of Ridge v Baldwin a part of the common law of this country. So now, we know it is utter rubbish to say that the principles of natural justice applies only to a judicial or quasi-judicial function.
Ridge v Baldwin and Ketua Pengarah Kastam v Ho Kwan Seng have changed all that. And it is also rubbish to assume that only the Attorney-General can be the Public Prosecutor.
(See my explanation of s 376(1) and (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code which I have discussed earlier in this article.)
Next is paragraph 53.
The substance what this Court of Appeal is saying is that the Public Prosecutor is NOT an adjudicator so that the question of bias does not apply to him.
As pointed out above, that heresy has been scotched in the House of Lords' decision of Ridge v Baldwin.
He was merely doing his duty as Public Prosecutor, says the Court of Appeal, to put his signature which according to him is a mechanical act required of him by s 41 8A of the Criminal Procedure Code.
But the question is, what if the Public Prosecutor acts in bad faith to transfer the case to the High Court of his choice?

Surely, in such a situation the decision to transfer the case to a High Court of the Public Prosecutor's choice cannot be allowed to stand on account of bias.
The Court of Appeal relied on Franklin v Minister of Town and Country Planning (1948) AC 87 where the headnote reads that the House of Lords has held that the Minister of Town and Country Planning has no judicial or quasi-judicial duty imposed on him, so that considerations of bias in the execution of such a duty are irrelevant, the sole question being whether or not he genuinely considered the report and the objections under the New Towns Act 1946.
Authorities cited not good law
We know now that after Ridge v Baldwin in 1964, Franklin v Minister of Town and Country Planning is no longer authority for any such proposition.
It is quite unbelievable that these judges of the Court of Appeal could ever dream of misleading the general public of this country by citing as authority, a 1948 decision when they knew, as I am sure Haji Sulaiman or any competent counsel would have informed them, that Franklin is no longer good law.
Not only that, Ridge v Baldwin in 1964 has been approved and applied by our Federal Court in Ketua Pengarah Kastam v Ho Kwan Seng (1 977) J 2 MU 152, thus importing into the common law of Malaysia the English common law decision of Ridge v Baldwin.
Furthermore, they, the judges of this Court of Appeal, even try to mislead us by saying in paragraph 53: "We would apply the exception that natural justice may be overridden by a statutory provision as enunciated in Franklin & Ors v Minister of Town and Country Planning (1948) AC 87, an exception which is applicable in both administrative and legislative processes". I have read through the judgment of Lord Thankerton, all 12 pages of it, many times over but I am unable to find the proposition of law that Hamid Embong JCA states in paragraph 53 of his "outline of reasons" was the ratio decidendi of Franklin v Minister of Town and Country Planning. T
he Court of Appeal has put words to the House of Lords decision in Franklin which were not found in the judgment of Lord Thankerton.
And now, on to paragraph 54.
For the reasons given above, what the Court of Appeal says in paragraph 54 is not the law.
Ridge v Baldwin in the House of Lords and our Federal Court in Ketua Pengarah Kastam v Ho Kwan Seng have scotched the heresy.
If it can be shown that the Attorney-General had misused his power in the victimization of Anwar Ibrahim, that is enough to disqualify him from acting as the Public Prosecutor to sign the certificate under s 418A of the CPC.
Shocking condemnation
Finally, I will leave this to your own judgment.
The following is taken from the judgment of Steve Shim who was then the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak in the case of Zainur bin Zakaria v Public Prosecutor (2001) 3 MU 604, 613-614:
To my absolute horror and disappointment Abdul Gani Patail used the meeting and the death sentence under s 57 of the ISA as a bargaining tool to gather evidence against Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
He had with him the letter I had written to you and copied to him.
He was waving the letter about and kept on saying, repeatedly, "I am not impressed" and suggesting that he would not be impressed with my plea to a charge under the Firearms Act, but instead he wanted more.
This "more", and it came across very loud and clear, because Abdul Ghani Patail laid it out in very clear and definite terms, was:
1. That Nallakaruppan was now facing the death sentence.
2. That there were other charges also under the ISA that he could prefer against Nallakaruppan but that if they (AG' chambers) hanged him once under the present charge what need would there be to charge him for anything else.
3. That in exchange for a reduction of the present charge to one under the Firearms Act, he wanted Nallakaruppan to cooperate with them and to give information against Anwar Ibrahim, specifically on matters concerning, several married women.Abdul Gani kept changing the number of women and finally settled on five, three married and two unmarried.
4. That he would expect Nallakaruppan to testify against Anwar in respect of these women.
I was shocked that Abdul Gani even had the gall to make such a suggestion to me.
He obviously does not know me. I do not approve of such extraction of evidence against ANYONE, not even or should I say least of all, a beggar picked up off the streets.
A man's life, or for the matter, even his freedom, is not a tool for prosecution agencies to use as a bargaining chip.
Blackmail and extortion
No jurisprudential system will condone such an act
It is blackmail and extortion of the highest culpability and my greatest disappointment is that a once independent agency that I worked with some 25 years ago, and of which I have such satisfying memories, has descended to such levels in the creation and collection of evidence.
To use the death threat as a means to the extortion of evidence that is otherwise not there (why else make such a demand), is unforgivable and surely must in itself be a crime, leave alone a sin, of the greatest magnitude.
Whether the means justify the ends that he seeks, are matters that Abdul Gani will have to wrestle within his own conscience.
You can read the rest of it from the law reports.
I cannot stomach this anymore. Possibly you can approach a website to show the entire judgment of Shim CJ on their portal with the permission of MU or any other law report.
All I can say is that, if Gani Patail is a member of an Inn of Court he would be disbarred as a barrister.
I am sickened by the perversity of the office of the Public Prosecutor.

NH CHAN is a former Court of Appeal judge famous for his ‘All is not well in the House of Denmark' comment regarding judicial corruption. He was referring to the Kuala Lumpur High Court's commercial division located in Wisma Denmark. The quote is based on Shakespeare's 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark'. He now lives in Ipoh.