Monday, August 31, 2009

UMNO, Lembu dot dot dot....

Banyak perkara misteri berlaku di Shah Alam. Teoh Beng Hock mati di pejabat SPRM di Shah Alam. Umno kata dia bunuh diri. Kalau ditanya UMNO....mungkin dia kata, lembu itupun bunuh diri.!!

Shah Alam MP blames Umno for cow-head protest
By Lee Wei Lian

The march to the secretariat building two days ago. - Picture by Choo Choy MayPETALING JAYA, Aug 30 — Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has blamed Umno for the shocking display of bigotry two days ago, saying the brother of the local Umno chief was one of those carrying the cow’s head to protest relocating a Hindu temple.

The PAS man’s allegation comes in the wake of accusations by other Pakatan Rakyat leaders that Umno is trying to destabilise the state government by using race baiting tactics such as painting the Malay-Muslim community as under siege from non Malays.

“I am very sure Umno is behind it,” Khalid told The Malaysian Insider today referring to the protest.

A group, claiming to be Muslim residents of Section 23 in Shah Alam, the new site of the temple which is to be relocated, held a demonstration outside the Selangor state secretariat, dragging a severed cow-head, an animal sacred in Hinduism, which they stomped and spat under the gaze of the riot police.

Some Section 23 residents have also accused Khalid, who is well known for his inclusive views, of lying and say they are fed-up with his calls for religious tolerance and accused him of neglecting the Muslim community.

But Khalid said that he had met the residents in June over the proposed temple relocation and thinks Umno has since then inflamed the sentiments of the residents.

The controversial cow-head. - Picture by Choo Choy MayHe cited the actions of Datuk Noh Omar, the Umno state deputy liaison chairman and Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, as the catalyst for the residents’ recent inflammatory protest. Noh had made at least one visit to the proposed temple site in August and told the media that he would seek an injunction to stop the relocation adding that the Selangor government was going against the Federal Constitution by ignoring the sensitivities of Muslims, who make up the majority of residents in Section 23.

Khalid claimed that the brother of Shah Alam Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Nawawi was one of the two men who were caught on video carrying the cow head.

“The residents were encouraged by the minister’s speech and backing,” said Khalid.

He noted that when the state was administered by the Barisan Nasional, they were no protests when a Hindu temple was relocated to within 100 metres of a Muslim residential area in Section 16 Shah Alam and said the current temple site being disputed is at least 200 metres away from the houses.

Asked about some residents who claimed that he had lied to them, Khalid replied that he had in fact not lied when he ran for election saying that he had always insisted on being fair, including to the Hindus even though they were a minority.

“They have rights too,” he said, pointing out that the 150 year old temple was not relocated earlier when PKNS had developed a housing area all around it and that there is only one temple for Indians living in Sections 19, 20 and 23.

On the issue of neglecting the rights of Muslims, the PAS leader pointed out that their rights as Muslims have been met because they have a surau in Section 23 but they should not assume that they have the right to reject a Hindu temple.

“They don’t have a right to reject a Hindu temple. Their right to have a surau has been fulfilled. Hindus also have a right to have a temple for the 3 sections and we also want to fulfil that right.
“The Hindus also don’t have the right to reject a surau and each community has a right to have a place if worship. We have fulfilled the right of the Muslims,” he said.

Khalid said the entire issue is a misunderstanding of rights.

“If the temple was placed in their backyard or smack in the middle of their community, I can understand if it feels awkward. But now it is far from their houses. There is no infringing on rights of Muslims. I take into account distances. They assume too much and feel they have more rights than what they have,” the PAS leader added.

He added it was not true that the state government was not willing to meet residents and when he met them in June, the requisite approvals for the relocation were still pending from PKNS, the owner of the land, the Shah Alam city council and the state government itself.

He also said that he will attend a meeting between the state government and residents on Sept 5 to discuss the burning issue.

“We are willing to listen to reason but the reasons must be sound. However, I don’t think we will entertain racist or prejudiced views.

“We should condemn prejudices and move to be more tolerant. There is a lesson to be learnt otherwise there will be another round of racist talks, speeches and acts. It’s unfortunate that after 52 years of independence, this is the kind of situation we have,” he said.

Umno has often been accused by Pakatan of trying to use race, religion and other tactics to frustrate the Selangor state government. Just weeks after Pakatan swept into power in Selangor last year, some Muslim residents in Kuala Langat made an issue over a centralised pig farm, a project that was actually mooted by the former Barisan Nasional state government.

Most recently, a controversy erupted over the aggressiveness of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) in wanting to grill Pakatan Selangor state lawmakers while former mentri besar, Datuk Seri Khir Toyo who has been accused of corruption over the cost of his palatial Balinese style mansion, has not been probed.

The controversy took an ugly turn when Teoh Beng Hock, a DAP political aide! Was found dead just outside the MACC headquarters in Shah Alam on July 16 after he was brought in for questioning.

Khalid delivered a parting shot at MACC, referring to comments by Section 23 residents action committee chairperson Mahyuddin Manaf, who said he was mystified by the appearance of the cow head at the protest.

“There are a lot of mysteries in Shah Alam. Nobody knows how Teoh Beng Hock died. If you ask MACC, they will probably say that the cow committed suicide,” he quipped.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tahniah Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin...Selamat Jalan Musa Hassan...!!

Sewajarnya begitulah bila kita mengucapkan tahniah atas perlantikan Gen. Tan Sri Azizan Arifin sebagai Ketua Turus Angkatan Tentera yang baru menggantikan Gen Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal yang bakal bersara tak lama lagi....NST Online Air force chief to head armed forces.

Bulehpun...walaupun KTAT yang lama cuba sedaya upaya untuk kekal....

Kalu Angkatan Tentera buleh...tentu PDRMpun buleh kot??

Lebih2 lagi bila baca kisah2 lagu ni na....

More allegations against IGP
Aug 29, 09 7:28pm
UPDATED 10.30PM A statutory declaration by a purported aide de camp of Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan has alleged that his former boss had triads links.MORE

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kenapa saya masih mengundi PAKATAN....??

Sebagaimana yang dinyatakan oleh John Lee, pelajar tahun tiga jurusan ekonomi dari Dartmouth College USA...teman juga merasakan tak ada sebab untuk rakyat Malaysia yang bijak dan celik untuk tidak memilih Pakatan Rakyat dalam PRU yang akan datang.

Sengaja teman memilih perkataan rakyat Malaysia yang bijak dan celik kerana... berdasarkan apa yang kita perhatikan dan alami....amatlah bodoh dan bangang untuk sesiapa juga yang diberikan akal oleh Allah untuk masih memilih BN untuk menerajui Malaysia pada masa akan datang...

Astaghfirullahal azim....teman berpuasa hari ni..!!

Why I would still vote for Pakatan

AUG 28 — We know the verdict of the people in Permatang Pasir now, and no matter how you spin it, this was a tremendous victory for Pakatan Rakyat. Yet I know quite a few people wondering why, with all of Pakatan’s woes, the people of Permatang Pasir would return the Pakatan candidate with almost as big a majority as before. While I cannot pretend to speak for anyone but myself, here is why I would vote Pakatan.

People say Pakatan has no common platform. Pakatan has not yet issued a common policy document, true. But read each of the different parties’ manifestos, and try telling me they have nothing in common. All three Pakatan parties have a common economic platform, based on equality of opportunity. All three parties have committed themselves to abolishing racial politics and racist policies. Barisan Nasional has had over five decades to sort out its own race issues, and yet like clockwork, it threatens violence and bloodshed against the other races every year, at each component party’s general assembly.

Barisan still cannot tell us how it will make us truly 1 Malaysia; it cannot say how it plans to fix the horribly unjust basis on which we run our economy. Pakatan still has to deal with religion; Barisan has not yet even begun to tackle race, religion, or the economy. As far as I’m concerned, Pakatan is way ahead of Barisan in two of these key areas, and tied in the other.

In terms of people, I honestly do think — as bad a rep as Pakatan often gets here — Pakatan clearly has better folks in its ranks. Even the crazy extremists who most of us cannot stomach, such as Zulkifli Nordin, can actually converse intelligently (in more than one language!) about the policy issues close to their heart, without any prepared remarks or hesitation. There are PAS leaders who have gone to churches to meet their constituents, and DAP leaders who have gone to mosques to do the same; how many Barisan politicians have done this?

Have you ever listened to or spoken with a Barisan leader? Except for a handful, such as — surprisingly — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin, most of them don’t know what the hell they are talking about. They read from prepared speeches which they obviously barely comprehend, and they cannot answer questions about basic facts which they ought to know. I honestly think Zulkifli Nordin would make a better minister than many in our present Cabinet, and that’s much less a compliment for him than it is a sad fact about the quality of our government.

Now, maybe you really believe Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be as bad a prime minister as Datuk Seri Najib Razak or Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Maybe you really think the inflammatory rhetoric at a DAP, PAS, or PKR gathering is as bad as the discriminatory flak you find at Umno or MCA rallies and meetings. I’m not sure why you might think these things — Anwar’s track record is no worse than these other men, and if anything, it’s probably better. Likewise, if you honestly think Pakatan is radical, extreme and divided, you probably haven’t been looking too closely at Barisan. All the evidence suggests that Pakatan will govern better than Barisan.

It is absolutely true that Pakatan will not govern perfectly. But in part, these problems really can be blamed on Barisan. Establishment men and women dominate the civil service, and strict tenure rules prevent the state governments from firing them. Court cases and corruption investigations keep our representatives busy filing paperwork instead of attending to their real jobs. Virtually everything in the establishment is conspiring against Pakatan, even as we speak.

Yes, some of these problems can be blamed on Pakatan too; it could be doing a lot more to fix its divisions. A lot of time is being wasted on small-picture issues, and quite a few of Pakatan’s reps are no angels. Pakatan would likely be better off reshuffling some of their leadership, and refocusing themselves on building a common platform; its critics are right on quite a few counts.

But look at everything wrong with our country — whose fault is it? Pakatan has had a bit over a year in four or five states to start tinkering at the edges of policy — it doesn’t even have full control of the civil service because of tenure protections. Barisan has had over 50 years to govern. Like it or not, almost every major problem today is the fault of Barisan’s poor policy and poor leadership.

Pakatan is, if you ask me, indubitably more qualified to govern than Barisan. And even if it wasn’t — if it was only as qualified as Barisan (something I highly doubt) — the fact is we are in deep shit as a country. Barisan has had too many freebies over the years. It’s gotten lazy and complacent, and in spite of the wake-up call we sent on March 8, it is still wasting time instead of properly reforming itself and our institutions. If we want to put Barisan on its toes, we have no choice but to put it in the opposition benches, and to vote for Pakatan.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheh!!. Polis Tunggu Arahan Najib Baru Ambil Tindakan..

PM orders action against cow-head protesters
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak has ordered the police to take swift action against a group that brought a cow’s head to Shah Alam to protest a Hindu temple relocation in a bid to calm swirling racial tensions.

The outraged prime minister gave instructions to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan after Selangor police stood by in the after Friday prayers protest.

Indian leaders from both sides of the political divide condemned the protest, saying it will incite racial tensions in the country’s most developed state.

The Pakatan Rakyat government said it will lodge a police report, regretting the inaction by the police.

Untuk ke depan....realiti kisah ini perlu diambil iktibar.!!

Kisah Martin Lim tentang kehidupan beliau dan adiknya hidup dalam keluarga dan masyarakat melayu amatlah menarik perhatian teman. Beliau bukan sahaja boleh menyesuaikan dirinya malah berjaya mengenalpasti nilai-nilai yang baik untuk menjadi bekalan untuk beliau berjaya dalam kehidupannya....

Beliau sentiasa bersikap positif dan keluarga melayu dan masyarakat juga positif menerima beliau sebahagian daripada mereka. Ke Amerika Syarikat dan kekal dalam agama asal beliau namun beliau tidak lupa pengalaman hidup bersama keluarga melayu.

Generally, speaking, I see no glaring difference, growing up as a Chinese in a Chinese home, as opposed to a Malay one. Apart from their respective moral bearing, cultural cloak and religious conviction, both could be as ambitious, disciplined, capable, inventive, purposeful, patriotic, and fiercely competitive, given the appropriate equity, fairness, incentives, hope, aspirations and opportunities.

Menurut beliau lagi...The true culprits lie in oneself, our arrogance, our unwillingness, our close-mindedness, our envy, our jealousy, our selfishness, our convoluted bias, and our fears.

Mudah-mudahan kita boleh menjadikan Malaysia lebih baik jika kita boleh mengambil nilai baik dari kisah dua budak cina ini...

Two ‘budak Cina’ in a Malay household

IN this poignant tale that grew out of a eulogy for his late elder brother Say Teik, MARTIN LIM recounts their extraordinary teenage years – two "budak Cina" growing up in a Malay household in Kampung Teluk Wan Jah, Alor Star, and the lessons he learnt that have shaped his life. The story, invested with delightful details, transports us to a gentler era around the time of the declaration of Independence. [Full Story]

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wah....Siapa beli Mongolian Bank ni?

Ini macam 1Mongolaysian...teman terbaca semalam dalam Malay Mail.!!

Malaysians Placed Tg180 Billion Bid to Buy Mongolian Anod Bank
Written by Ch.Sumiyabazar
Tuesday, August 25, 2009.

Bank of Mongolia (central bank) is closely studying bid offer to purchase a Mongolian commercial bank “Anod” placed by a Malaysian company early this month, said S.Nasanjargal, a plenipotentiary governor working at the Anod Bank at the appointment of the central bank, who refused to reveal name of the Malaysian company.

In December 2008, management executives of the Anod Bank were arrested, and Bank of Mongolia sent its own plenipotentiary representative at the start of the privately-owned bank’s crisis.

In the past months, a number of branches of the Anod Bank, both in countryside and the capital city, have seen forced closures in a bid to “support normal operation of the bank”.

Local media outlets have reported that the Malaysian company placed Tg180 billion bid to purchase the Anod Bank with a guarantee of over EUR100 million from a Swiss bank.

The Anod Bank, that used to be one of top five commercial banks of Mongolia, had own branches in all 21 provincial centers and Ulaanbaatar districts. “But the bank has now only seven branches operating nationwide.

And, the bank is now operating under a critical situation,” said Nasanjargal.Bank of Mongolia has denied to comment on the recent media reports about the purchase bid. Bank of Mongolia is expected to respond to the bid offer by early next month.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Antara Che Det Dengan TPM...Dua2 ekor teman tak percaya...

Muhyiddin cakap lagu ni Che Det cakap lagu tu....yang pastinya salah sorang atau kedua2nya cakap tak betul....


Dr M: Muhyiddin told the truth, but not whole truth
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 - Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has admitted that he had persuaded Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to supply water to Singapore when the latter was the Johor menteri besar.

"Tan Sri Muhyiddin spoke the truth about my persuading him to supply water to Singapore but Lee Kuan Yew did not threaten to go to war if we did not supply water. If he had done that, I think I would have stopped any further supply," Dr Mahathir said in an article posted in his blog today.

Dr Mahathir was commenting on Muhyiddin's statement on Aug 19 that he (Dr Mahathir) had summoned him to attend a meeting with the visiting Singapore prime minister then, Lee Kuan Yew, over gas pipeline and water supply issues in Kuala Lumpur.

Muhyiddin had said that during the meeting between Dr Mahathir, the then finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, Lee and himself, Lee had pressed for adequate water supply to the republic from Johor.

"Lee said Singapore was ready to go to war if Malaysia did not want to supply enough water and expressed his regret over the stalled water supply project from Sungai Lingu. I said we did not have the money and Lee said Singapore was willing to bear the cost and, when completed, the assets will be owned by Malaysia, so Singapore had merely footed the bill," said Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin said this at a ceramah in Tanjung Putus, Bukit Mertajam, during the campaign in the Permatang Pasir state by-election to clarify allegations by the opposition that he (Muhyiddin) had sold a piece of land to Singapore in connection with the water treatment plant in Sungai Lingu, Bandar Tenggara, Johor.

Dr Mahathir said in his article he did not know about the sale of land to Singapore but as it was agreed that a treatment plant be built by Singapore in Johor, land would have to be made available.

"We were at that time trying to be friendly with Singapore in order to solve several problems. Although raw water would be supplied at 3 sen per 1,000 gallons, the understanding was that in future only treated water would be supplied when our treatment plants would be ready.

"We would also not buy any more treated water from Singapore at 50 sen per thousand gallons when our new treatment plant in Johor is ready.

"When we no longer needed to buy treated water from Singapore we could raise the price of raw water to Singapore without Singapore being able to raise the price of treated water to us.

"However, when we concluded the water supply agreement, Singapore raised a lot of issues regarding our railway land, the CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) at Tanjong Pagar, training flights by Singapore warplanes over Malaysia and the Central Provident Fund.

"At that stage, I realised that being friendly with Singapore did not pay," Dr Mahathir added. - Bernama

Rais Hina Serban Tok Guru....Datin Maznah OK ke??

Rais Yatim hina serban tok guru pula.........
20:34 Dicatat oleh Krai Utara

PERMATANG PAUH, 24 Ogos: PAS melahirkan rasa kesal dengan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Dato' Seri Rais Yatim yang disifatkan menghina Islam.

Media melaporkan kenyataan Rais yang mengulas cadangan Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang mahu menyaman TV3, Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian berkaitan isu ahli Umno tidak akan masuk syurga dan Islam Palastin.

Dalam kenyataannya, media melaporkan Rais menyebut Nik Aziz boleh mengemukakan sebanyak mana pun saman yang dia nak, "mungkin lebih panjang dari serbannya."

Exco kerajaan negeri Kelantan, Datuk Husam Musa menjelaskan, apa yang Nik Aziz kata adalah Islam Umno Islam plastik bukannya Palestin.

"Bagi kita ini adalah kenyataan yang menghina peribadi Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan menghina Islam. Bagi kita serban adalah satu pakaian yang mulia di sisi Islam yang tak sepatutya di hina."


Pada hari Isnin ni (31.8.09), sempena dengan ziarah ADUN Lembah Jaya ke MBI dan kebetulan Hari Merdeka, MBI akan menganjurkan majlis Iftar Perdana. Aturcara majlis adalah seperti berikut:

6.00 ptg - Tahlil, doa selamat dan ucapan2 ringkas

7.22 mlm - Berbuka puasa

7.38 mlm - Solat maghrib berjemaah

7.50 mlm - Sambung jamuan berbuka puasa

8.34 mlm - Solat Isya' berjemaah, solat sunat ba'diah + tahlil ringkas

9.00 mlm - Solat sunat tarawih

9.20 mlm - Tazkirah ringkas

9.45 mlm - Penyampaian sumbangan kepada surau-surau, anak2 yatim, ibu tunggal dan muallaf

10.00 mlm - Solat sunat witir

10.15 mlm - Jamuan ringan

Namun jadual di atas tertakluk kepada perubahan.

Qaryah Masjid Bukit Indah dijemput hadir untuk sama-sama menyerikan majlis.

Budak2 boleh puasa tak kan orang tua ponteng kot?

Sejuk hati teman (semalam) bila dapat call dari anak bongsu teman, Iman...

"Ayah ayah...boleh tak ayah beli chicken chop bila ayah balik nanti...?"

"Iman puasa ke hari ni?" Tanya teman pada Iman yang belum mencecah 7 tahun....

"Puasa!" Cepat aje dia menjawab...

"OK...nanti ayah beli yer...Iman OK ke?" Soal teman..

"Iman OK...cuma pening kepala sikit..." Sayup2 aje suara Iman...

"Kalu Iman tak larat...Iman makan ajelah...!!" Teman saja buka peluang kepada dia...

"Tak pa...Iman OK. Ayah jangan lupa belikan chicken chop yer..!!" Dia tegas dengan keputusannya.

Bila teman balik...perkara pertama yang teman tanya orang rumah teman ialah tentang si kecik tu...

"Iman macam mana?"

"Awak tengok sendirilah...kesian tengok...!!" Jawab orang rumah teman ringkas...

"Kenapa?" Teman curious...

"Pergilah tengok...suruh berbuka tak nak...!!" Tambah suspen teman...

Bila terbuka pintu bilik...hampir nak mengalir ayor mate....Iman terbaring dengan sebaldi (hijau) air di sebelahnya...

"Dia ambil sendiri ayor tu...ambil tuala...celup dalam baldi...lepas tu letak kat dahi!!" Orang rumah teman bercerita...

"Iman...Iman ok ke?" Teman peluk dan mencium anak kecik teman...

"Pening sikit je...chicken chop ada tak?" Fokus betul budak ni...

"Ada ada...Iman punya pasal mesti ayah beli punya!!" Teman memujuk...

"Berapa lama lagi nak buka?" Iman bertanya...

"Sekejab lagi...Iman rehatlah...tidur...nanti ayah kejut ye." Teman memujuk lagi...

"Ok!!" Tak lama lepas tu dia pun terlelap sehinggalah hampir waktu berbuka baru teman kejutkan.

Teringat teman setahun lepas bila teman terserempak seorang tua dalam ofis teman dok minum kopi tengah2 hari buta dalam bulan Ramadhan.

"Tak sihat ke hari ni bro?" Teman tanya...

"Tak dalah...malam tadi lupa sahur...!!" Cheh leceh betui...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Menang kite yob!!


Telah dikhabokan kepada teman oleh kawan2 dari jauh dan dekat....Salleh Man berjaya dalam percubaannya kali ke 7.

Mudah je lah kighe2nye yob....kalu letak sape ajepun sebagei calun PAS...maka menang jugelah adenye....

Pendek ceghitenye yob....BN orang dah tak nak dah...

Perkuda kanlah SPRM, SPR, PDRM, Utusan, BH, NST ke amende....kalu orang dah tak nak...tak nak jugelah yob...!!

It's official: PAS wins Permatang Pasir

PAS has won the Permatang Pasir state seat by-election in Penang today with a majority of 4,451 votes.

The majority however had decreased by nearly 900 votes since the last general election which saw the party winning by 5,433 votes.

The Election Commission announced that PAS candidate 52-year-old candidate Mohd Salleh polled 9,618 votes while BN's Mohd Rohaizat Othman, 38, garnered 5,067.

Voter turnout had also decreased this time around to 73 percent which the Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Yusof blamed on the A(H1N1) outbreak.

In the previous election, the turnout was 82.6 percent.

The by-election in the heart of Anwar Ibrahim's parliamentary stronghold of Permatang Pauh was held following the death of PAS state assemblyperson Mohd Hamdan Abd Rahman on July 31.

This is the eighth by-election since the March 8 polls last year.

With this victory, Pakatan Rakyat has taken seven with BN only emerging victorious in Sarawak's Batang Ai contest.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ong Tee Keat Tumpaskan Anwar Ibrahim...

Kalah Anwar!!. Apa komen Che Det??

Ong saman Tiong RM500 juta
Aug 24, 09 12:13pm
kemaskini 3.56pm Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat telah menfailkan saman dengan tuntutan RM500 juta terhadap pemegang saham utama KDSB Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.LAGI


Teman dah khabo dah yob...banyak taik UMNO dalam PKFZ....

Umno aims to oust Tee Keat, says Jui Meng
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

PERMATANG PASIR, Aug 24 – Former MCA vice-president Datuk Chua Jui Meng dropped hints that embattled Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s position as party president is under threat, insinuating at an ongoing conspiracy by Umno to oust him.

Chua, who quit the Chinese party to join PKR, told some 500 people in a ceramah here that many Umno leaders are unhappy with the way Ong is trying to expose the RM12 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal which, he alleged, would implicate many leaders from the dominant Malay party.

“Have you seen the prime minister coming out to defend Ong? Have you heard of the deputy prime minister defending Ong on the PKFZ scandal? Or were there any other Umno leaders, for that matter, that have defended Ong on the issue? No,” said Chua.

“This never happened before. Last time, there was this strong camarederie where leaders in Barisan Nasional (BN) would protect each other but this has not happened. The president of the second biggest BN component party is attacked and no one from Umno has come out to defend him,” added Chua,

He said the present situation, with BN component parties showing lack of cohesion and divided along racial lines, has caused disquiet among the people, especially the Chinese community.

This, coupled with widespread rumours among the ruling coalition’s inner circle that BN president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin are dissatisfied with Ong’s presidency, preferring his deputy Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek instead to lead the Chinese-based party, have undermined Ong’s position.

“All this shows that Ong’s claim that he is under attack, internally and externally, is true,” Chua noted.

In recent weeks, the MCA president has also found himself locked in between two battle fronts from within the party and BN.

Ong had worked hard to build up an image of being clean and transparent but his reputation is now in tatters following Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s allegations about a large donation and rides on private jets, and his position as party president is considered shaky with MCA deputy president’s supporters expected to push ahead with plans to call for an EGM to remove him.

Tiong is CEO of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), the main developer of PKFZ and whose company is under investigation by Ong’s ministry. Tiong had dropped a bombshell when he claimed that he had made a RM10 million donation to Ong “for MCA party purposes”.

Ong had also confirmed that the party’s treasurer-general Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng has been called up by MACC regarding the RM10 million donation by Tiong.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kalu semua biz payahlah yob...negara pun tergadai...

Itulah keghojenye...sikit-sikit biz. Sikit-sikit biz. Asal buleh buat duit semua nak jual. Ni perangai melayulah ni...

Lagi satu perangai ialah appoint orang yang rapat dengan PM ke menteri ke
untuk buat biz. Memang lingkup yob.

Teman dah tengok depan mata...bila rapat dengan menteri tertentu.. biz meletup giler2...tapi bile menteri terlongkop...diapun macam siluncai jugak...

Bro atas ni dulu jadi chairman Bernama TV khabonye. Eh...ada sapa2 tau apa jadi dengan stesen tv tu ha? Teman dengo rugi RM16 juta ke apekebende??

It’s just business

It’s my responsibility to identify business prospects for the UM board to consider and decide says UM Holdings chairman
Zainal Epi
Monday, August 17th, 2009 07:43:00

Annuar: Up to UM board to decideUNIVERSITI Malaya Holdings Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Annuar Zaini said he accepted the decision of Universiti Malaya’s board of directors to reject the proposed condominium plan that would have turned part of the university’s main campus into a housing project.

He said as chairman of UM Holdings, it was his responsibility to identify business prospects and forward them to the university’s board for perusal and decision.

“The holdings board members and I identify projects and forward them to the UM board. When the UM board members agree, we would call for proposals from several companies,” he said.

“When the companies submit their proposals, we would go through them and see what is most appropriate and then forward it to the UM board. It is then up to the board to decide.

“As far as I am concerned, I have done my responsibility to identify and select. The decision to accept or reject is up to members of the UM board,” said Mohd Annuar, who is also special adviser to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the Northern Corridor Economic Region and also chairman of Bernama.

He was asked to comment on the controversial 2007 plan to develop a parcel of land at UM’s main campus in Petaling Jaya for a commercial housing project that was scrapped.

Malay Mail was unable to to get any comments from Glomac Bhd Group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Fateh Iskandar Mohamed Mansor. Glomac was part of the PPC-Mint-Glomac consortium named in 2007 by the university as the company appointed to undertake the project.

Sesekali dia orang buatlah...nanti apa pulak orang kata?

Benda salah guna kuasa macam ni dah kerap sangat berlaku sehinggakan bila ada satu2 tindakan dilakukan...maka menjadi ceritalah akan dia.

Teman kerap sangat menyaksikan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat buat kerja sumbang macam ni. Mana idaknye...bekas orang kuat menteri kementerian terbabit pernah duduk di kawasan ni....

Berbulu mata tengok. Bukan sebab jealous atau apa...cuma geli geleman tengok duit rakyat ditelan begitu sahaja.

EC busts ‘bn ceramah’ for abuse of gov’t machinery

Posted by admin
Saturday, 22 August 2009 20:38

The Welfare Department and a deputy minister were left red faced yesterday after a function they were involved in was stopped by the Election Commission.

The Barisan Nasional ceramah at Sama Gagah village was stopped following complaints by PKR officials that government machinery was being abused for campaigning purposes.

Led by EC officer Sulaiman Abdullah a team of enforcement officers visited the scene, accompanied by complainants, PKR treasurer-general William Leong, PKR, Youth deputy chief Faris Musa and Pantai Jerajak state rep Sim Tze Tzin.

Their surprise visit prompted Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Heang Siak Kee to stop her speech half-way and vanish from the scene.

Sulaiman and his team also inspected a bus bearing the the Welfare Department logo and later instructed the bus driver to take the bus away.

Later, Sulaiman ordered a counter run by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to be closed immediately.Ministry officers were seen frantically taking down buntings and other materials, while trying to avoid press photographers, before leaving on another bus.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Apo lai nak dikato?

Haram Pilih Pemimpin Penipu!
Surat khabar UMNO kata calon mereka "peguam" sedang calon PAS hanya "peniaga"... Tapi mengapa Rohaizat tidak meletakkan kerjaya 'peguam' dalam borang penamaan calonnya pada hari penamaan calon tersebut? Sebaliknya, dia hanya mengaku yang dia adalah ahli peniagaan sama seperti calon Pakatan Rakyat dari PAS Mohd Salleh Man.

Jawabnya mudah! Rohaizat bukan peguam! Menurut Presiden Majlis Peguam Negara Ragunath Kasavan, Rohaizat telah ditarik balik (struck off) status peguamnya berdasarkan Bahagian 103D Akta Guaman 1976 atas kes penyelewengan wang.

Majlis Peguam membatalkan lesen Rohaizat kerana jenayah pecah amanah melibatkan wang RM161 ribu milik Koperasi Pekebun Kecil tahun lalu. Muhyiddin berkata, kes pecah amanah itu tidak boleh dikaitkan dengan peribadi Rohaizat... Astaghfirullah... Inilah sifat dan watak sebanar pemimpin UMNO. Jenayah dan salah laku yang dilakukan oleh mereka tiada kaitan dengan akhlaq dan peribadi mereka... Sebab itu ramai orang UMNO Solat dan Haji tapi rasuah dan kaki mungkar... Hancur!

Soal peribadi seseorang calon wajib dihitung kerana Allah memerintahkan kepemimpinan Islam mestilah memiliki akhlaq serta integriti. Bagaimana mungkin seorang yang pecah amanah boleh diserahkan amanah untuk memimpin?

Apa hukum memilih orang seperti ini sebagai pemimpin? Ingat sabda Nabi s.a.w. bermaksud "Apabila amanah diabaikan maka tunggulah saat kehancuran... sahabat bertanya, bagaimanakah amanah diabaikan? Baginda menjawab, jika suatu urusan diserahkan pada orang yang tidak layak..." Oleh itu haram hukumnya memilih pemimpin yang tidak amanah, tidak berakhlaq dan zalim!

Salam hormat.


Lu garu belakang gua...gua garu belakang lu. Alamak kita ada kuraplah bro!!

Itulah yang teman faham bila teman baca surat 'pegawai sp(e)rm' mengenai kes kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

Kalu bebeno bagai yang dikate....dua2 protagonist yang dinamakan ni memang hampeh!!

Lebih hampeh ialah BN dan MACC yang reman ghase dah tak de kredibiliti langsung. Macam ada nampak kebenaran isi kandungan surat itu kalu dilihat kepada aktiviti BN akhir2 ni yang nampaknya nak menjatuhkan kerajaan PR dengan apa saja cara sekalipun.

Semua agensi kerajaan digunakan untuk kerja-kerja jahat mereka.

Sama-sama kita saksikan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lain kali kalu berkokok pastikan ekor tu tak de lekat taik!!

Ingat tak minggu lepas apa Muhyiddin Yasin suruh SPR buat di Permatang Pasir? Muhyiddin tells EC to monitor opposition

Untuk menangkis gesaan mangkok ni teman tulis cam ni... Hello bro. Hutang Elegant Advisory Dah Bayor ke??

Tapi tu la UMNO yob. La ni Muhyiddin penin...he he. Kayu kayu...

Muhyiddin now jumps to Rohaizat's defence
author_photo("Athi Shankar")
Athi ShankarAug 19, 098:05pm

Barisan Nasional candidate Rohaizat Othman will make a statutory declaration if necessary to clear his name from allegations raised by his opponents pertaining to his disbarment by the Bar Council.

Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin said the party's candidate for the Permatang Pasir had already explained to him and other leaders on the status of the case in details.

He said Umno leadership was convinced that Rohaizat was not guilty of any wrongdoing and therefore the question on whether he was eligible to contest or not does not arise.

Muhyiddin explained that Rohaizat had already settled his problem with his client - Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad - with a RM140,000 repayment sum.

The cooperative too, he said had issued a letter to Rohaizat that the issue had been settled and buried.

"I don't understand why everyone was making an issue out of this. As far I am concerned he is not guilty of any wrongdoing."If needed, he is even prepared to make a statutory declaration to prove his innocence," said Muhyiddin at press conference in Seberang Jaya today.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seloka Pantun: Mula2 makan duit koperasi...Lama2 jadi YB

Calon BN Pmtg Pasir Makan Duit Orang. Sapa yang Pilih Dia?

Bar Council membuktikan bahawa calon BN, Rohaizat Othman sebagai seorang yang tidak amanah dan telah melenyapkan duit pelanggan beliau sebanyak RM140k Mengikut kenyataan Presiden Bar Council, Ragunath Kesavan, kepada The Edge:

“the offence committed by Rohaizat involved stakeholders’ money from Koperasi Pekebun Getah and there was no account for it. When the board looked into this matter and the order was made, there was no reimbursement to the stakeholders involving the sum of RM140,000. Even if you pay, the offence has been committed and it is a serious offence as this involves dealing with client’s money. If you are an innocent party, you would not be found guilty by the disciplinary committee and the charge leveled under Section 103D is tantamount to criminal misconduct”.

Ianya bermaksud segala dakwaan yang dibuat oleh Muhyiddin Yaasin atau Zahid Hamidi, kenyataan ini membuktikan bahawa calon BN, Rohaizat Othman benar2 bersalah di dalam kes penipuan kepada Koperasi Pekebun Getah. Malahan wang sejumlah Rm140k yang diserahkan kepada Rohaizat tidak dapat dipastikan kemana perginya. Mengikut Presiden Bar Council, tindakan Rohaizat ini adalah sampai ke tahap tindakan jenayah di bawah Seksyen 103D.

Zahid Hamidi cuba berdalih kononnya yang menipu itu adalah rakan firma guaman Rohaizat tetapi Presiden BAR Council juga menyatakan bahawa aduan yang dibuat oleh Koperasi Pekebun Getah adalah ke atas Rohaizat dan bukannya rakan firma beliau.

Kalau UMNO Tidak Tarik Calon Ini, Bererti UMNO Bersetuju Dengan Jenayah Penipuan Rohaizat.

Kita lihat dalam masa beberapa hari ini. Adakah UMNO akan menarik calon mereka ini. Kalau tidak, ia bererti Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafiee Afdal dan seluruh kepimpinan UMNO menyokong dan bersetuju dengan tindakan penipuan wang yang telah dilakukan oleh Rohaizat Othman.

Seharusnya UMNO menarik balik keahlian Rohaizat dan bukannya menjadikannya calon PRU. Sila baca di sini dan sini dan sini untuk mendapat maklumat lebih lanjut berkenaan kes Rohaizat ini.Tulang Besi

Antara Wak Khusrin Dan YB Khalid Samad...

Teman pernah dengor si Khusrin ni berucap dalam satu majlis yang dirasmikan oleh YAB MB Selangor dengan Dato' Hassan Ali...

Sumbang macam kera sumbang... nampak sangat dia ni kaki Umno yang saja kacau daun dalam pentadbiran Islam di Selangor. Lain orang cakap lain dia buat...sebab tu lah agaknya MAIS dan JAIS lembab... dia kira macam little napoleon...

Tengok kenyataan dia dalam Utusan Malaysia di bawah ni....

SHAH ALAM 17 Ogos – Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) menjelaskan keputusan pembinaan rumah ibadat bukan Islam di negeri itu termasuk di Seksyen 23 di sini yang mendapat bantahan penduduk Islam ditentukan oleh jawatankuasa khas yang dipengerusikan oleh Exco berkaitan portfolio berkenaan.

Pengarahnya, Datuk Muhammed Khusrin Munawi berkata, amalan itu adalah berbeza dengan dahulu iaitu sebarang pembinaan rumah ibadat bukan Islam sama ada kuil, tokong dan sebagainya diputuskan oleh jawatankuasa negeri yang dipengerusikan oleh Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK) sendiri. Berita Penuh

Nasib baik ada YB Khalid Samad. Boleh juga dia tolong jawab bagi pihak kerajaan negeri Selangor...


Agaknya itulah yang terbaik dari UMNO..kesian!!

Umno represented by disbarred lawyer

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 – Nearly as soon as he filed his papers to contest the Permatang Pasir by-election yesterday, Umno candidate Rohaizat Othman ran into controversy.

Rohaizat, 38, was bombarded with questions from reporters after it became known that he was disbarred as a lawyer last year over allegations of fraud that implicated his law firm.

According to the Malaysian Bar website, he was disbarred on March 7 last year. This means that he cannot practise as a lawyer or appear before a court, but he is allowed practise syariah law.

It also does not preclude him from standing as an election candidate, but it is certainly not an advantage.

He and Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) Penang commissioner Mohd Salleh Man,
52, were the only two who registered as candidates for the by-election on Aug 25.

The by-election for this state seat on mainland Penang was called after the previous PAS assemblyman died, making it the country’s eighth by-election since the general election took place in March last year.

The opposition will certainly capitalise on the controversy to illustrate their claim that Barisan Nasional (BN) is a patronage machine which disregards moral principles routinely.

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is the party’s Penang state chief, insisted that Rohaizat was innocent of the alleged fraud in his firm.

“This is an issue of public perception. We will explain to the voters what really happened,” Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid said.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin told The Straits Times that it was Rohaizat’s business partner who was involved in the fraud and who dragged the entire firm into the mess.

He said Rohaizat had settled the problem after his partner disappeared.

Rohaizat, who graduated from the International Islamic University in 1995, has stopped practising law.

The controversy will be fodder for the opposition, which has the upper hand going into this contest.

This state seat is part of the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat held by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

But the opposition is also on the defensive after nearly losing the most recent by-election in Kelantan last month. The PAS candidate won the Manek Urai seat – also a stronghold – by a mere 65 votes.

“In the aftermath of the Manek Urai state by-election and the steps taken to reform and change the country, the winds of change are beginning to blow and I think it has reached Permatang Pasir,” Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday.

Political analysts are not as confident, although many believe that the BN may be able to slash the majority.

The Manek Urai by-election showed that internal bickering among parties can severely damage their electoral showing.

The opposition is also fending off accusations that it has sacrificed Malay interests to win support from the minority communities.

“It will be a test as to whether the attacks against the Pakatan will stick. It is significant as this is the power base of Anwar,” said law professor Abdul Aziz Bari.

Permatang Pasir is not as Malay-dominant as the Manek Urai. Of its 20,290 voters, about 72 per cent are Malays, 26 per cent Chinese and almost 2 per cent Indians. But the Malay votes are large enough to be visible, especially as the Chinese voters are expected to remain in favour of the opposition. The number of Indian voters is negligible.

The campaign kicked off yesterday with a noisy nomination process filled with the chanting of slogans, the waving of banners – and the wearing of face masks due to the Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic.

There was a brief scuffle when police tussled with opposition MP N. Gobalakrishnan outside the nomination centre. The Parti Keadilan Rakyat supreme council member had failed to heed two warnings by the police to stop using a loudspeaker to make provocative remarks. He was handcuffed and taken away. – The Straits Times

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nasib Gobala...

Adakah ini (menggari dan menahan Gobala) baik untuk imej Polis? Tak pernah belajar dari pengalaman...

By-election marred by cries of police brutality

Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan is handcuffed and sitting on the ground after scuffling with police during nomination for the Permatang Pasir by-election this morning. – Picture by Jack Ooi
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid
PERMATANG PASIR, August 17 - Barely minutes before the by-election here officially kicks off with the nomination of candidates and it's already been marred by physical violence.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders are crying “police brutality” over manhandling and arrest of a PKR lawmaker just outside the nomination centre here.

Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan claimed he was doing what he was supposed to do – boost the morale of some 2,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters as they endured the scorching heat while waiting behind the police barricade erected about 300 metres from the nomination centre.

Things turned ugly when the police ordered him to go behind the barricade and the Padang Serai MP argued, then ignored the order and continued to psyche up the crowd with chants of “Reformasi”.

The police then pushed him in an attempt to force him back behind the barricade and this prompted Gobalakrishnan to retaliate, causing a violent ruckus when several policemen tried to pin him down.

Overpowered, Gobalakrishnan was then handcuffed with his face to the road. The scuffle had ripped his pants, he was only in his underwear when the police carried him away on a stretcher.

He was later taken to the Bukit Mertajam Hospital where he is currently seeking treatment after suffering from injuries induced by the scuffle.

It is learnt that the police is planning to arrest the Padang Serai MP and charge him.

All this occurred while the nomination process was still underway. Many of the PR bigwigs inside the compound of the nomination centre were completely unaware of what had transpired outside.

Commenting on the matter, PKR youth chief Syamsul Iskandar who was present when the ruckus happened, blasted the aggression shown by the police was unwarranted.

“What did he (Gobalakrishnan) do? I asked the police what he is being arrested for and none answered. Shameful,” he said.

PKR information chief Latheefa Koya said the party will prepare a team of lawyers to try and resolve the matter.

MUSA HASSAN GAGAL...Datuk Nur Jazlan

Satu Malaysia tau Musa Hassan adalah KPN yang gagal...hakikat ini diakui oleh Datuk Nur Jazlan, anak Mat Rahmat.

Baguih le tu...itupun bila bini dia kena samun. Kalau idak...make tak kisahlah mike yer...

Tapi di Malaysia ni...memang dah jadi kemestian gaknye akhir2 ni..civil servant yang gagal akan direward dengan pangkat dan sebagainye...apo nak di kato???

The Royal Malaysian Police farce

AUG 17 – As a Member of Parliament, I used to defend the police when faced with numerous complaints from my constituents in Johor Baru.

I told my constituents to have faith in the police as their alternative would be to pay for expensive personal security guards. No more.

More than a month ago, my trust and belief in the police force evaporated when my wife was mugged in broad daylight in her car at the front gate of my house by two men on a motorcycle.

I had spent a lot of money protecting the perimeter of my house from all forms of intrusion and expected the police to provide a safe neighbourhood beyond it. I certainly did not expect my wife to be violated right in front of my house.

I live in a middle-to-upper-class neighbourhood of Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur where many senior politicians, top civil servants and businessman already pay for a private security service.

This extra layer of private security may have lulled the local police force into such a false sense of security that they are able to spend more time erecting roadblocks to catch speeding cars along Jalan Bukit Kiara in front of the Intan campus every day, rain or shine, instead of securing my neighbourhood a kilometre away.

I need not remind the public of the free time the traffic police have to set up the many unnecessary “cari makan” speed traps and roadblocks on major public and tolled highways.

Over the years, the public have been assured by the police that they are implementing various strategies to reduce crime in the country. And they have produced statistic after statistic to show that reported crime in the country is down.

However, the feedback I get back from the public in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru is that crime is on the rise in their neighbourhood.

When I told them that the statistics point to a reduction in crime, they dismiss it and say many of them don’t bother to report petty thefts as they have no confidence that the culprits would be caught anyway. In fact, when they did make reports, many of them were told exactly that by the investigating police officers.

Back to my wife, she was told that the two men fitting the description she gave to the investigating officer were reported to have robbed many other lone women drivers in the Bangsar area over the last few months.

Coincidentally, a good friend of mine was also attacked by a group of Mat Rempits in front of the Bangsar Shopping Centre at 2 am a few weeks ago.

In my opinion, the main reason why the police have failed to reduce crime, or at least reduce the perception that that crime is pervasive in the country, is that they have little idea of strategies to be used against this new wave of disorganised crime.

Gone are the days when the police were managing organised crime by holding the local crime boss responsible for the wayward actions of his downliners.

The country was perceived as being safe back then.

Another reason could just be that the police chiefs are greedy or in the pockets of the local gangsters, funded by the lucrative DVD pirating business amongst others and are too busy protecting them to bother about tackling petty crimes and protecting the public at large, ironically echoing the Police hit “Wrapped Around Your Finger”.

Can anyone tell me different? Because this is all public perception.

Someone asked me, “do you remember the last time when a big time crime boss has been indicted in the last 20 years?” I can’t, can you?

Coincidentally, the crime rate had worsened over this period.

The bottom line is, the police managed to keep the country safe in the past by managing organised crime.

The gangsters running organised crime ran a tight ship. The top gangsters would ensure that the downliners in their network did only what they were told to do.

A “good” gangster wouldn’t want to suffer any embarrassment or loss of face in his area of control and would dish out harsh punishment if the underlings misbehaved.

Maybe the police force can learn something from the gangster system to ensure their own downliners tow the line.

They can learn from the Hong Kong Police force on how to manage organised crime. Hong Kong crime gangs regularly have turf wars but Hong Kong residents can still feel relatively safe walking on the streets at night.

Recently in Hong Kong , a major crime boss was brazenly murdered in front of the Shangri La hotel. He was run over by a car and subsequently had his limbs chopped off by his attackers, in full view of the public. Despite this, the citizens of Hong Kong still feel safe.

But I suspect over the last decade, the underworld network has broken now with new would-be criminals bypass the traditional crime networks.

They operate at the lower level of the crime chain and are not controlled by a higher authority.

The public cannot expect the police force to stop these new criminals. The police have failed to change their highly bureaucratic organisational structure to respond to the new democratised criminal environment.

As a result, these new criminals are allowed to operate wantonly without fear of the police.

With that in mind, I am not surprised at the growing opposition to the second contract extension for the Inspector General of Police , Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

He has been given four years to transform the police force and restore people’s confidence, and he has failed thus far.

I think the current bad crime situation warrants extreme action.

Maybe the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should emulate his father’s action in catapulting a junior officer to like Tun Haniff Omar to the top position of IGP to shake up the police force.

Tun Haniff was just 35 years old when he was appointed as the nation’s top cop and he was given enough time to transform the police force then.

The police force should be reorganised from a top-heavy bureaucracy into a flexible people-friendly organisation.

The police force currently has more than 90,000 personnel. However only 30,000 of them are actually working the street beat.

The other 60,000 are higher paid administration level staff filling paperwork in the office.

Maybe its time the organisation structure of the police force is turned on its head and the larger administration staff are ordered to leave their comfortable office and patrol the streets.

I am sure they would be more effective in ensuring the streets are safe than sitting in the office.

If they refuse, then they should be given early retirement so that the police force is able to hire newer, more dedicated staff.

The increased numbers of beat cops would strengthen the police network at street level and allow the police to start building community partnerships and strengthening neighbourhood watch schemes like Rukun Tetangga to deter the perpetrators of petty and small crimes.

The police should strive to create a “kampung” environment especially in city areas like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru.

This would enable the police force to identify the residents in local areas and make it easier to identify outsiders.

The extended network of the kampung would, in effect, ring fence the local community and put fear into the would be criminals and deter them from entering the community.

The force should also use the generous allocations given under Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration to use technology and build a network sharing local intelligence information to be directly available to the policemen on the ground.

From what I understand through information given by police officers in my area, the plan to build the database and network has been discussed but never implemented. All I see is some patrol cars with Toughbook laptops but policemen going around without any direction.

Perhaps the Home Minister can make that his key performance indicator (KPI) and priority for his ministry.

If the Minister and the new IGP can implement my suggestions above, maybe then I would believe I would start to have faith in the police force again.


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...written by Andrew, August 17, 2009
I'm sorry, but I'm quite glad (and also sorry) that your wife was mugged. Unfortunately, in this country, the perception is that nothing happens unless someone in the ruling party's wife gets it too. I'm hoping also that Rosmah gets mugged. That will ensure that something improves. How sad that I have to wish for these things just to get an improvement in the police force.


...written by PM, August 17, 2009
It is good that an UMNO MP has woken up to the fact that our PDRM need a major overhaul, and that a new and motivated IGP is needed. Let's sse whether this MP walks the talk.


...written by HJ Angus, August 17, 2009
To me, unless the IPCMC is implemented we will never see standards of the PDRM improve.



Malam tadi telah berlangsung Mesyuarat Agong Ke 4, Surau Ulul Azmi (SUA) dalam suasana aman tenteram. Alhamdulillah..ini semua berkat disiplin yang telah ditanamkan dalam tarbiyyah yang kerap dijalankan di surau ini saban hari sepanjang tahun.

Isu-isu yang berbangkit telah ditangani dengan penuh hemah oleh Tuan Hj. Wan Suhaimi, Pengerusi lama yang telahpun mengundurkan diri. Banyak jasa beliau selama menerajui kepimpinan SUA dan ianya tidak akan dilupakan begitu sahaja. Beliau kini memainkan peranan yang lebih besar di MBI sebagai Pengerusi Lajnah Ekonomi.

Mesyuarat juga telah memilih AJK baru yang diketuai oleh Tuan Hj. Nahar sebagai Pengerusi dan Tuan Hj. Mohd. Noh, seorang peguam yang aktif di SUA sebagai Tim. Pengerusi. Rakan teman yang teman dok kempen hari tu telah dipilih sebagai setiausaha. Cumanya seorang lagi calun AJK yang bersandar di dinding surau hari tu.... malam tadi tak dapat datang...mungkin tertidor terus kot??

Majlis diakhiri dengan jamuan kambing 2 ekor...power!!

Kepada semua AJK yang terpilih...Selamat Bertugas..!!

Tuan Hj. Wan Suhaimi, Pengerusi SUA menyampaikan amanatnya yang terakhir dan seterusnya mempengerusikan mesyuarat.

Barisan AJK yang baru (Sessi 2009-2012). Dari Kiri Tuan Hj. Wan Suhaimi, Hj. Abd. Rahim, Tuan Hj. Amir, Sdr. Muhideen, Tuan Hj. Abu Bakar, Tuan Hj. Radzi (Bendahari), Sdr. Ghazali Abdullah (Setiausaha), Tuan Hj. Nahar (Pengerusi), Tuan Hj. Mohd. Noh (Tim. Pengerusi), Sdr. Faizal dan Tuan Hj. Nasaruddin (gambar sekerat tu)...

Lagi gambar sebahagian AJK baru SUA

Ini bro ni macam kenal....siapa lagi kalu bukan Sdr. Anas yang telah dilantik sebagai official photographer.

Kerani dan siak masjid yang telah ditawarkan gaji lumayan (malam tadi) untuk tukar kerja di SUA. Ini sudah lebih...

Pilihlah aku....Sdr. Ghazali dalam kempen-kempen beliau di saat-sat akhir.

Lepas ini kita pekena kambing bro....

Ahli qaryah tekun mendengar amanat Pengerusi...

Close up....wajah setiausaha baru yang sedang pening memikirkan strategi baru...Selamat bertugas yob!!

Tekun meneliti aturcara dan minit mesyuarat....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kalu mike nak berhenti...memang patutpun.

Mike fed up kat politician (Pakatan Rakyatlah tu)... tapi kami rakyat jelata ni sebenonye fed up kat mike yang kerja tak ikhlas.

Kes lembu yang dimentekedarah oleh orang ramai tu mike kecuh...kes Khir Toyo (BALKIS, rumah RN24 juta dll... yang dia dengan anak beranak dia aje mentekedarah) tu mike buat ape?

Kes DAP dengan peruntukan RM500k (sampai kojol si Teoh tu) mike korek sampai lubang cacing...kes PKFZ mike buat ape?

Kes 18 berprofail tinggi tu macam mane? Mane bendenye yob?? Buat siasatanpun lebih kurang...Kasitah Gadampun dah lepas...

Udahlah yob. Nak berhenti...hantor surat berhenti ajelah. MACC ni kalu nak tutup teruspun tak pa. Kalu adapun buat menyakit hati aje...!!

MACC merajuk?

MACC man fed up with politicians
Farrah Naz Karim

PUTRAJAYA: Accusations of bias, negative public perception and the immense pressure on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has got the better of its investigations chief, Datuk Shukri Abdull.

An exasperated Shukri threw a bombshell yesterday: the MACC willstop investigating politicians, indefinitely.

Shukri, who is also one of the graft-fighting body’s commissioners, said he and his men felt they could not carry out their duties effectively in cases involving politicians as they were being slammed no matter what they did.

Public scorn, he said, was another reason for the decision.

Shukri said although the decision was personal, he had informed his top bosses in the commission.

However, he added, he would suggest new terms of reference for dealing with politicians next week. The terms of reference will include a separate mechanism for handling corruption cases involving politicians.

"I am frustrated. We will stop probing all politicians, across the political divide, indefinitely. I am dead serious about this.

"We have never asked for acknowledgement but we have been continuously whacked from all sides for doing our job.

"We have been giving it our all, working seven days a week, even during Hari Raya, but the manipulations have affected us so badly that my officers and I just cannot go on like this," Shukri, who has been with the anti-graft agency for 25 years, said.

He even went to the extent of saying he would quit his job if circumstances forced his hand.His main frustration is over the no-win situation in which the MACC is mired in.

"When we cannot charge anyone due to lack of evidence, they say we are covering up to protect the interests of certain quarters. When we do, they say we have conspired to sabotage. What are we to do?

"Even before the passing of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009, which transformed the Anti-Corruption Agency into the MACC, it had been under siege.

The most recent case involves the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the political aide to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah of DAP. Teoh's body was found soon after MACC had questioned him, in the same building in which the MACC Selangor headquarters is located.

Many people blame MACC for his death. Following a public outcry, the government initiated an inquest into his death and decided to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the interrogation methods of MACC.

MACC has also been accused by the opposition of being a tool of Barisan Nasional, claiming that the commission merely went after politicians from the opposition. Such accusations were made despite MACC releasing records showing that the number of opposition-related people probed for alleged graft paled in comparison with those from BN.

Asked about the case of Wong Chuan How, the aide to Selangor executive council member Ronnie Liu, who said that he would present himself at MACC's headquarters here on Aug 20, Shukri said Wong "could just forget about it".

Wong was to have assisted in MACC's probe into alleged abuse of development funds totalling RM500,000 by several assemblymen.

The Sepang municipal councillor was involved in a scuffle with MACC officers on Friday where he injured his leg after allegedly trying to resist arrest.

Ustaz Zamri Radio IKIM Di Masjid Bukit Indah Isnin Ini...

Ceramah Di ambang Ramadhan


Kepada semua ahli kariah Bukit Indah, pada 17 Ogos 2009 bersamaan Hari Isnin, Masjid Bukit Indah akan menganjurkan satu ceramah bertajuk "Amalan Rasulullah & Para Sahabat Sepanjang Ramadhan".

Penceramah undangan ialah USTAZ ZAMRI ZAINAL ABIDIN" pengacara terkenal Radio IKIM.

Oleh itu dijemput semua warga Bukit Indah untuk bersama-sama menambahkan ilmu dengan mengulangkaji hal-hal bulan Ramadhan. Sila panjang-panjangkan kepada rakan taulan serta ahli keluarga.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Kalu tanya beruk...berukpun terkejut.!!

Sejak bila rasuah memalukan Barisan Nasional??

Muhyiddin Yassin jangan buat lawaklah....

The ongoing war of words between the duo was turning into an embarrassment for the government and BN, says Muhyiddin.MORE

Solat Hajat Di Masjid Bukit Indah Malam Ni...

Hari ni.. (Jumaat), Masjid Bukit Indah dengan kerjasama Belia Islam Ampang (BISA) akan menganjurkan majlis solat hajat bagi mendoakan kejayaan pelajar2 yang akan menduduki peperiksaan UPSR/PMR/SPM pada hujung tahun ini.

Majlis akan bermula dengan solat maghrib berjemaah.

Diikuti oleh kuliah maghrib oleh Ustaz Ridhuan Mohd. Nor yang berkisar soal-soal pendidikan dan sahsiah pelajar.

Kemudian Solat Isya' berjemaah dan diakhiri dengan solat sunat hajat serta doa.

Jamuan makan Insya'Allah akan disediakan.

Pihak penganjur dengan ini menjemput seluruh warga Taman Bukit Indah, Taman Ampang Indah, Taman Rasmi Jaya dan Taman Kosas untuk sama-sama menyertai majlis ini. Semoga kita semua dirahmati Allah.

Sweep under the carpet bro!! Apa lagi?

Biasalah. Inilah signal yang dihantar oleh Nazri, menteri yang kununnya jaga SPRM.

Jadi kes ini akan disiasat dan semua orang didapati clean.

It's personal, says Nazri

MIRI (August 13, 2009): Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said today he regarded the misunderstanding between Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing and Datuk Seri Ong Kee Teat as something personal between two individuals.

As of now, he could not see the misunderstanding between Tiong, who is the Bintulu MP and Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairman, and Ong, the MCA president, as having anything to do with their positions in the BN.

Nazri, who is in charge of parliamentary affairs and anti-corruption matters, was of the opinion that Tiong’s allegation that Ong took a RM10 million “loan” from him be referred to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to see if there is case.

He said it was the responsibility of the MACC to determine if there had been an act of corruption.
“We have to remember that not only the person who receives, the person who gives bribes also stands to be accused,” he said during a visit to the MACC office here. – Bernama

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kira settle lah kot? Harap2 gitulah..

....with the element of surprise always at the core of political struggle!!

Ther are basically a partner in crime..he he

Ingat tak sapa yang organize trip pergi Taiwan sebelum 16 September lalu???? Barisan Nasional seen as panicky

Tak kan Najib nak ambik action kot?

Tiong tells Tee Keat to go ahead and sue
By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 — Datuk Tiong King Sing, the CEO of the main developer of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), will not retract his statement that MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat had received a RM10 million donation from him.

Today, Ong said that he was giving Tiong seven days to withdraw his statement and apologise or else face legal action.

The transport minister also lodged a police report against Tiong this morning for alleged criminal defamation.

In an immediate reaction, Tiong told The Malaysian Insider that he stands by his remarks given in a media interview yesterday.

"I will not retract my statement. Why do I need to retract? I welcome him (Ong) to lodge a police report. He can go ahead and sue me," said Tiong.

When asked if he would be able to show proof that Ong had accepted the donation, Tiong said that he had witnesses to corroborate his story.

"I donated the money to the party to unite their members and serve the people well. I offered a cheque but Ong asked for cash because it was faster. I am very sincere in my intentions," said Tiong.

He added that it was not his intention "to condemn people" and that Ong was his "friend".

"When they were doing all the investigations, I did not ask for an injunction to stop them from making statements. What we are angry about is that the special task force that is doing the investigations did not call us for any explanations," he said, referring to the special task force that was established to probe any wrongdoing in the scandal-hit PKFZ project.

Ong was forced yesterday to deny allegations that he had received a RM10 million donation last year from Tiong, who is CEO of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, (KDSB), the main developer of the PKFZ.

However, he confirmed he had used the private jet owned by KDSB but he said his office was waiting to be billed for the services.

The allegations by Tiong, who is the Barisan Nasional backbenchers’ chief, will certainly give the coalition a headache.

The disclosure came after the special task force to investigate the PKFZ project said this week it had found disputed claims amounting to at least RM500 million.

Dia orang ni tak boleh pakai sebab tu dilantik...

Percayalah...kalau mamat ni digantipun...penggantinya sama ada lebih teruk atau 2 x 5 saja. Yang perlu ditukar ialah kerajaan UBN yob.!!

Sack Incompetent MACC Chief!

MACC Chief Commissioner, Dato' Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan should be sacked for demonstrating sheer incompetence in the investigations over the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) RM12.5 billions scandal.

The PKFZ special taskforce which was set up only in June 2009 has within a period of 3 months determined with strong evidence of about RM1 billion in fees charged by PKFZ developer, Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) “to be either over-charged, unsubstantiated or even possibly fraudulent”. This amount which is described by the taskforce as “the tip of the iceberg” constitutes nearly 30% of the overall project cost of RM3.522 billion, excluding interest costs.

The scandal includes possible fraudulent claims on electrical infrastructure worth RM55.8mil and 33kv supply works and civil infrastructure works worth RM83mil which were never carried out. No documents and justifications were also provided for more than RM550 million in charges and variation orders.

Despite the fact that the first Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) report which was made way back in December 2004, and as many as 3 further subsequent reports were made with regards to PKFZ by Ronnie Liu on various corruption, abuse of power and mismanagement allegations, the ACA and subsequently, MACC has found absolutely nothing worthy of detailed investigation on the project and closed all the above files.

Even after the chairman of Port Klang Authority (PKA) which owns PKFZ had himself filed an MACC report in May 2009 based on the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) report on PKFZ, the commission has continued to make little or no progress on the investigations.

In fact, despite the size and scale of the scandal which implicates corruption and abuse of power to the highest levels, including several ministers and prominent elected representatives, MACC has not even conducted any interviews with the ministers, including Tun Ling Liong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, as well as the other BN politicians.

Hence the findings of fraud and over-charging by the PKFZ special taskforce has proven the complete failure, ineffectiveness and negligence by Ahmad Said and MACC, whether intentional or otherwise for the latter could not detect any of the various misdeeds which added up to RM1 billion of tax-payers' monies. In line with Najib's call for “people first, performance now”, Ahmad Said must be held accountable and hence resign or be removed from his position.

What makes the whole circumstance repulsive is the fact that while MACC had neglected mega-scandals like PKFZ, they have left no stones unturned in their efforts to detect corruption among DAP and Pakatan Rakyat representatives in Selangor, even if it means going to the level of check every RM100 receipts!

It is MACC's reckless and relentless pursuit of such political victimisation that the political secretary to Selangor state executive councillor, Ean Yong Hian Wah, the late Teoh Beng Hock was found dead at the premises of MACC, all for a RM2,400 transaction involving the purchase of Malaysian flags.

A new Chief Commissioner should be appointed to ensure that MACC stops being a political tool of the Barisan Nasional government to harrass DAP and Pakatan Rakyat MPs and state assemblymen whose total combined allocations does not exceed RM20 million while completely neglecting the real corrupt sharks which have fleeced the country of billions of ringgit.
Posted by Tony P at 8:23 PM

Belajarlah dari Tok Guru...

As simple as that....

KOTA BARU: PAS will organise forums and talks to help its ally DAP understand Islam better, said PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

He said as a partner in the Opposition pact, PAS was taking a better approach to explain to the DAP leaders so that they would understand the religion better.

On claims that DAP leaders had allegedly insulted Islam, Nik Aziz said DAP was not an Islamic party and would probably also have shallow understanding of the religion.

However, the PAS spiritual leader blamed Muslim leaders who rejected Islamic teachings to the extent of polluting the religion and causing non-Muslims to misinterpret its holy teachings.

“(If) DAP has insulted Islam (it is) because they (leaders) are not Muslims. What is more insulting is when the Muslims reject Islam,” he said.

“We will do this through forums, talks and discussions,” he said.

Nik Aziz also slammed certain quarters who labelled PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as traitor.

He said, if there was something wrong with the implementation of PKR’s policy, then that should be the topic of argument, not make personal attacks on Anwar.

“Why do they have to launch personal attacks? They should go and attack the policy. I am ashamed of the Malays who launched the personal attacks,” he added. — Bernama

Ustaz Asri Rabbani meninggal dunia

Ustaz Asri Rabbani meninggal dunia

PETALING JAYA: Vokalis kumpulan nasyid Rabbani, Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim, 42, disahkan meninggal dunia kurang sejam yang lalu akibat serangan jantung di Hospital Pantai, Bangsar.

Menurut rakannya, Azadan, jenazah arwah Asri akan dibawa ke Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) selepas ini.

Dimaklumkan, arwah meninggal dunia selepas jatuh pengsan semasa memberikan ucapan dalam sidang media program 'Syahadah' di Angkasapuri, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) kira-kira pukul 10.30 pagi tadi.

Asri dilahirkan pada 3 Ogos 1969 di Klang, Selangor.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a revelation: Money money money...

Teman suka ini Ong Tee Keat. Sekurang2nya dia berani ambil tindakan terhadap company itu walaupun dia tau benda2 ini akan keluar paper.

Rasuah memang tidak memeranjatkan di dalam BN. Yang memeranjatkan kalu rasuah tak terlibat..Kini 3 parti utama terconteng dengan rasuah. MCA. Umno dah tentu. SPDP bayor...

Cuma teman nak tengok SPRM...apa depa nak buat? Tak kan diam aje kot?

Kisah Ong Tee Keat kena ugut pun agaknya dah boleh agak dah sapa buat. PDRM tunggu apa?

EXPOSED: 'RM10 mil for MCA boss' Yong Kai Ping and Ng Ling Fong
Aug 12, 095:54pm

Twenty-four hours after a police report was lodged against developer Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), the company's top brass have made some startling revelations.

KDSB chief executive officer Tiong King Sing - who is also the Barisan Nasional backbenchers club chairperson - alleged that he had 'donated' RM10 million to MCA president and Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat last year.

The money, he added, was for activities related to the MCA divisions.

Tiong's number two in KDSB, Faizal Abdullah, also said that Ong had used the company's private jet five times and 'owed' them US$40,000 for the services.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Tiong claimed that he had pumped in the millions after being requested to do so by Ong.

The money was apparently paid in cash over three installments during meetings with the MCA president held in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur last year.

It is unclear whether the alleged payments were to fund Ong's election campaign to be party president last October.

Yesterday, the Port Klang Authority (PKA) had filed a police report against KDSB, which has been accused of making inflated claims in relation to the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project.

KDSB was the turnkey developer for the project, whose questionable figures were exposed by the MCA president.

Ong later claimed that he had received death threats for doing so.

Despite numerous attempts, the MCA president could not be reached for comment over the allegations made by the KDSB bosses.

MCA Youth exco Lim Boon Aik was yesterday quoted in a Chinese newspaper as claiming that the 'donation rumour' was spread to defame MCA leaders.

He urged Tiong to clarify the matter.

'Ong need the funds'

When contacted, Tiong was reluctant to comment on the matter and referred Malaysiakini to the MCA president.

However, when pressed repeatedly, Tiong conceded that the "rumours were true"

."Last year, Ong asked me to support him. As a new leader, he needed some funds for activities. We are politicians, we need funds to sponsor our activities."

I was supposed to return the money to some other people. But in order to help each other, I let Ong use the money first," he said.

"He (Ong) said that he wanted to give the money to all MCA divisions. But I have no idea if he did so. This is up to MCA members to ask him.

"If he didn't give the money to the MCA divisions, then he is lying to me, (and) I want him to return the money," added the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) treasurer.

Stating that since he regularly 'donated millions' to people, Tiong claimed that it was difficult for him to recall the dates when he gave the money to Ong.

Although there was no other MCA leader present at the meetings, the business tycoon-turned-politician said he had a friend who could be a witness.

"If Ong dares to say that he did not take the money, then ask him to come and see me, I will clearly tell him from where he took the money.

"He (Ong) had even promised to give me a receipt, but I have not received anything," he added.

Tiong, however, remained adamant that the money was not a form of corruption or that it had anything to do with the PKFZ issue.

"If I had bribed you, why didn't you (Ong) make a police report?" he asked.

'Did not pay for fuel'

As for using the jet, Faizal told Malaysiakini that the company did not charge the MCA president any charter fee but added that the latter should have at least paid for fuel and other expenses amounting to US$40,000.

Due to this, he said the company had turned down Ong's request to use the jet again.

In a statement issued by Ong's political secretary Simon Lim this afternoon, the latter said the ministry was not billed by the company.

"For expenses involving the minister's official travel, the relevant company must send the bill to the ministry to claim for payment," he explained.

Lim said the reason the minister had opted to use a chartered airplane was due to his tight schedule and to prevent being late.

He added that Ong had also used other modes of travel, including no-frills airlines.

Lim also expressed disappointment that the media were publishing 'unverified' reports concerning this issue.

Ong responds in blog posting

In an immediate reaction, Ong described Tiong's allegations as “smear tactics and character assassination”.

“The allegation by Tiong that I have taken the RM10 million 'loan' from him for use by the party's divisions, are obviously made with several motives, including diverting attention away from the alleged irregularities exposed by the (PKFZ) task force,” he said in a blog posting.

“It could also be meant to create suspicion among my party comrades that I have pocketed funds meant for the divisions. The fact that he indicated that it was a loan could mean that he wants the option of taking me to court to further embarrass me.

”Ong said that the payments mentioned by Tiong was 2008 when he was vice-president until October.“

The need for me as vice-president to raise money for the divisions was a non-starter. Later, as president, we already have access to party funds and allocations. I doubt any reasonable person would part with RM10 million based on such a story.”

He echoed his political secretary's contention that his office had yet to receive invoices for the private jet services.

“If the charter company has been more efficient, I am sure my office would have already made prompt payments. I am sure businesses do not issue invoices through the press.”

Ong said the latest allegations would not deter him to pursue the PKFZ issue.

“I also ask that I be judged based on my actions. I will consult my lawyers and seek legal advice on the defamatory allegations.”