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Don't Talk Cock Larrrr Najib!!

Oklah. Kalu nak kata PRU13 ni bukan experiment, memang aku setuju. PRU13 ini kita mesti buat keputusan.

Experiment ialah PRU12 yang lalu. 5 negeri (-1) telah dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Apa dah jadi dalam tempoh 4 tahun + yang lalu?

Begini. Kita tengok saja Laporan Ketua Audit Negara terhadap 5 negeri ini (+ Perak selama 11 bulan PR perintah), apa kesimpulannya?

Ketua Audit Negara mendapati ke lima2 negeri itu selama di bawah Pakatan Rakyat telah menunjukkan prestasi yang amat cemerlang dari semua segi ie CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency). 

Macamana dengan negeri2 di bawah BN? Don't talk cock larrr Najib...

Masa depan negara bukan bahan uji kaji - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR 29 Nov. - Masa depan negara bukanlah bahan uji kaji untuk rakyat mengambil risiko yang tinggi dengan menyerahkan negara kepada pihak pembangkang sebagai satu eksperimen.

Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata, tanpa penilaian yang betul, teliti dan kritikal, menukar kerajaan ibarat mengamanahkan tikus untuk membaiki labu.

"Kita ada mendengar pendapat yang mengatakan, apa salahnya memberi peluang kepada pembangkang untuk menang bagi dinilai kemampuan dan keupayaan mereka mengurus negara dan rakyat.

"Namun, ini adalah satu risiko yang amat tinggi kerana masa depan negara, keluarga dan anak-anak kita terlalu berharga untuk dijadikan bahan uji kaji," tegas beliau ketika menyampaikan ucapan dasar pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO ke-63, di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), di sini hari ini.

Perdana Menteri berkata, lima tahun merupakan satu jangka masa yang lama dalam pentadbiran sesebuah kerajaan dan pelbagai bentuk kerosakan boleh berlaku jika ia diserah ke tangan orang yang salah.

Malahan tegas beliau, sesebuah negara yang berjaya pun akan gagal dan tersungkur. - UTUSAN


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Dipetik dari Malaysia Chronicle
It looks like Deepak Jaikishan, known for his close ties to Rosmah Mansor the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak, is no longer so happy with the controversial first couple or their Umno party mates.
Deepak, a carpet trader who is branching out into bigger business, has accused Umno women's wing leader Senator Raja Ropiaah Abdullah of 'stealing' land worth RM400 million from his company Astacanggih Sdn Bhd and reselling a portion of it to a third party.
During an exclusive interview with Malaysia Chronicle, Deepak also alleged that a member of Najib's family had taken a 'commission' worth millions for Najib's role in getting the land owned by the Ministry of Defense privatized to Raja Ropiaah in 2005 under a project called Puspahanas.
"Ropiaah has no previous experience at all but based on Najib's recommendation, she got the deal," Deepak toldMalaysia Chronicle.
He declined to name who in Najib's family had allegedly pocketed the 'commission' but there is speculation that it may have been Rosmah herself as she usually takes care of Najib's business matters.
Puspahanas, which stands for Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan National, is a RM100mil project granted to Ropiaah's firm Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd. Awan was given the land to build and set up a research centre akin to Britain's intelligence unit MI5 for the Malaysian Defense Ministry. Seterusnya baca di bawah ni...

DEEPAK BOMBSHELL: Wanita's Raja Ropiaah 'stole' land while Najib's family made 'millions'

Cerita berkaitan di sini...

Nijib's fingerprint



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Oi!! Ini gila ni...Habislah Najib macam ni!!

Deepak regrets getting involved in Bala's SD
EXCLUSIVE Businessperson Deepak Jaikishan regretted his involvement in getting private investigator P Balasubramaniam to make a second statutory declaration (SD), which reversed an earlier one linking Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

NONEIn an interview withMalaysiakini last night, Deepak (left)said he had only become involved at the request of a "female friend" associated with the parties who would be affected by the fallout of the first statutory declaration.

“I was asked to help by a friend, I agreed to help her because I could see the repercussions will affect their entire group. It was to me - getting involved in this whole Bala fiasco - a mistake," he said.

“I had no business being there, I am a businessman. I regret helping a friend whom I thought was true... I am not supposed to be involved in this James Bond movie."

Deepak declined to elaborate on the identity of the female friend.
NONEHe is, however, known to be closely linked to the premier's wife Rosmah Mansor, whom he said was like an "older sister" to him.
Asked to elaborate on his regrets, after a long pause, Deepak replied: “Would you not regret getting involved in something so murky, that involves murder, that involves so many things which are so negative, would you not regret it? Anybody would regret it.”

The carpet merchant said the fiasco had created a “negative aura” for him as a businessperson.

Balasubramaniam, who had gone public with the first SD on July 3, 2008 had abruptly withdrawn it at another press conference the following day.

Accompanied by lawyer M Arulampalam that day, Balasubramaniam had produced a second SD, claiming that he had made the first one under duress and fled the country the next day.

p balasubramaniam private investigator altantuya murder case 040708 01Balasubramaniam (left in photo) re-emerged on Nov 12, 2009 in the form of a five-partYouTube video interview - believed to be shot in India - retracting his second SD and claiming that he had only made it after being offered RM5 million by Deepak.

Deepak, who only addressed the controversy on April 6, 2011 after whistleblower Raja Petra Kamarudin revived the matter, dismissed his links to Balasubramaniam as a mere clubbing mate.
'I brought everyone together for SD 2.0'

However, in the interview yesterday, Deepak said there was a “tinge of truth” to what the private eye had been claiming in the SD saga.

Explaining his role, Deepak said he was responsible for facilitating the meeting between Balasubramaniam and the party that was implicated by the first SD.

“It was damage control to stop the problem... I was tasked - don’t ask who tasked me - with getting him to agree to sign another SD, not because of the (first) SD itself but because of the repercussions that will happen the next day if that (first) SD was not reversed,” he said.

“For today, let’s just put it this way, we assisted, we did not draft (the second SD)... it was not (drafted by) the same lawyer that appeared (at the press conference) the next day, it was (by) a completely different lawyer.

“We assisted in getting everybody together but the first lawyer was not mine, it was sent by the people who were in the group (implicated in the first SD) that we merely put in the same room,” he said.

Asked if the RM5 million incentive Balasubramaniam claimed he was offered for doing the second SD was true, Deepak replied: “Knowing Bala, he would not have done it for nothing.”

However, when pressed if the money came from him or from the parties implicated by the first SD, Deepak declined to elaborate, stating that this may be revealed in future interviews.

berjaya times square hotelIn July this year, Balasubramaniam, who briefly re-emerged in Kuala Lumpur, had toldMalaysiakini that Deepak had tried to bribe him a second time, this time with RM200,000 and an apartment at Times Square (right), for the private eye to produce a video recording implicating opposition figures for making him retract his second SD.

For this, Balasubramaniam claimed that an intermediary by the name of Suresh had banked in RM100,000 in advance into the account of the former’s wife, but he later had the money transferred to his lawyer, asking that it be returned to Deepak.

‘No one returned any money to me’

Responding to this, Deepak said: “I read about this in the papers, about him wanting to return money to me, but I never got any money from him or his lawyer - that’s the truth.
“I don’t know where this RM100,000 scenario came into play, because out of the blue he came and mentioned about this RM100,000 he wanted to return to me.

“Of course, if he has taken money from me and he wants to return (it to me), very good lah."

NONEDeepak refused to respond further to repeated questions on Balasubramaniam’s second round of allegations, stating that he may do so another time.

“I also want to get the Bala matter off my chest. I think as a businessman, I don’t want this cloud hanging over my head and it is best that it is resolved at the right time, (but) not tonight,” he said.

Asked if he has decided to go public on this because of a particular business dispute over land with the powers-that-be, he replied: “Nothing... We have done other bigger building transactions through the same group and the same people.”

However, asked if the “same people” meant Najib, Deepak nodded silently, and when queried for details, he replied: “Not today”.

This interview was jointly conducted by Fathi Aris Omar, Wong Teck Chi and Nigel Aw.

Apa hal wakil rakyat Umno marah2 ni?? Hehe...

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Anwar Ibrahim Pengemudi Zaman (Part 2)

Terus mara...jangan ada yang sibuk memaut di kaki!!

Kalut bebenor Che Det sehari dua ni...Hehe!!

Selain dari berita di bawah ni, Che Det juga bercerita tentang Geneva Gold, ReformasiPerdagangan Matawang dan macam2 lagi....Hehe! Takut bebenor BN kalah. Ngalahkan Rosmah Mansur....

Dr M: Banyak demonstrasi jika PR tewas PRU 13
Oleh Clara Chooi 
Penolong Pengarang Berita
November 26, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Nov — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengulangi amaran sekali lagi kepada rakyat Malaysia tentang kekecohan di jalan raya jika Pakatan Rakyat (PR) tewas pada pilihan raya akan datang serta menunding jari kepada musuh politik utamanya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (gambar) yang akan menggunakan demonstrasi untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

Beliau turut mendakwa pembangkang sudah mula merancang untuk mencipta kekecohan dengan menghasut kumpulan pro PR supaya bangkit menolak keputusan pilihan raya sekiranya Barisan Nasional (BN) kekal di Putrajaya.
Namun mantan perdana menteri tersebut masih percaya BN akan dapat memperoleh semula majoriti dua pertiga di parlimen “ketika ini”, tetapi pada masa sama memberi amaran tentang taktik Anwar jika ramalannya itu benar.
“Persediaan Anwar (untuk pilihan raya) ialah (mengadakan) demonstrasi jalanan.
“Tanpa Anwar, tidak akan ada demonstrasi.
“Sejak Anwar keluar (daripada penjara), berlakunya demonstrasi,” kata Dr Mahathir semasa satu sidang akhbar selepas menghadiri forum tentang perang dan konflik di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) hari ini.
Dr Mahathir juga menuduh Anwar semasa menjadi timbalannya di dalam kerajaan dahulunya juga menentang keras sebarang tunjuk perasaan jalanan.
“Tapi selepas dia keluar... ini (demonstrasi) menjadi strategi untuk dirinya berada di Putrajaya,” tambah Mahathir.

K Rajagopal Bakal Pengurus Manchester City...

PEP GUARDIOLA is ready to snub Chelsea because he wants to boss Manchester United.

Blues owner Roman Abramovich is hoping the former Barcelona chief will take over at Stamford Bridge next summer.

But Guardiola, who is on a year’s sabbatical in New York, fancies moving in at Old Trafford when Alex Ferguson retires.

That could be at the end of this season.

If not, Guardiola would be prepared to hold out for another year.

Fergie and Guardiola are close friends and have met privately in New York.

A source close to Guardiola said: “The whole history of Manchester United, his relationship with Sir Alex and the way the club is run appeals to Pep.

“Right now I’d be astonished if he went to Chelsea. He really wants to wait for the United job even if it means extending his time out of the game.”

Guardiola wants to be able to concentrate on all aspects of the football club without interference from above.
Red Rom’s constant hiring and firing of managers — interim chief Rafa Benitez is his ninth boss in a decade — does not appeal.

Read more:

Sila undi pilihan anda untuk ganti Alex Ferguson sebagai Pengurus Manchester United??

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SAT1M (Sapu Tanah 1Malaysia)...Hehe!! Jawab lerrr Satim Diman??

'BN grabbed RM20mil in S'gor lands'
Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim today accused BN of land grab in Selangor, revealing that it had acquired a total of 24 state lands at RM1 per square foot, even though the total market value is estimated to be at least RM20 million.

The total size of the lands spanning nine out of 11 districts in Selangor is approximately 33.5 acres or 1,459,260 square feet.

"All of them are high value lands, they are commercial lands... after Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan get the land, they immediately get into joint-ventures (to develop the land) or sell them off for tens of thousands or millions of profit," he alleged at a press conference at the Selangor Legislative Assembly lobby this afternoon.

Ng mocked the diversity of political parties involved, dubbing it "Sapu Tanah 1Malaysia" (1Malaysia Land Grab) in reference to the federal government's 1Malaysia campaigns.

Of the 24 lands, he said Umno obtained the lion's share at 15, while MCA, MIC and Gerakan acquired five, three and one respectively for the generous price.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jangan marah2 Che Det... Nanti cepat nyanyuk!! Hehe...

Dr M mocks reporter over nepotism claim

UPDATED @ 04:10:17 PM 07-11-2012
November 07, 2012
The usually-accommodating Dr Mahathir took exception with the reporter’s imputation. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 7 ― Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today pointedly told the media to report that he had instructed Petronas to award a lucrative multimillion ringgit petroleum contract to his son, after a journalist suggested nepotism in the deal involving SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd.
“Yes, of course. He is given it because I instructed Petronas. Put that in your paper,” he sniped.
“Of course. I presided over everything. I told them (Petronas), ‘please give to my son and not to anybody else,’” the country’s longest serving prime minister said.
Dr Mahathir was speaking at a press conference held after he received a patron award from the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) at the Rennaissance Hotel here.
Earlier, event organisers had instructed the media to confine their queries to town planning and any other issue related to the function and the MIP.
But the usually amicable Dr Mahathir later agreed to field a question on the ongoing controversy surrounding a remark that an opposition MP had issued regarding religion.
After the question, a journalist asked if there was any “conflict of interest” in the award of two contracts worth RM836 million to SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd, where Dr Mahathir’s son, Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir, is executive vice-chairman.
“That is what I’ve been doing all the time,” Dr Mahathir continued in his tirade. “Even the time when I was prime minister, everything goes to my children.
“But when everything goes to the children of other PMs, you don’t want to mention because he is a nice man. He enables you to read, isn’t it?” he said, a smile firmly on his face.
The press conference was concluded a few seconds later, after Dr Mahathir offered a curt reply to another question.

According to a Reuters report last week, Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned unit of SapuraKencana Petroleum, was awarded a RM700 million underwater services contract  for three and a half years by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd.

Another wholly-owned unit, Kencana HL Sdn Bhd, was awarded a RM135.8 million engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning contract from HESS Exploration and Production Malaysia BV for an integrated gas project in the Kamelia Field in the North Malay Basin.

Both contracts were announced in two stock exchange filings last Thursday.


Muhyiddin: DAP is too racist

Ini boleh bunuh 3 ekor burung dengan sebutir batu:

1. DAP boleh prove kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia bahawa mereka bukan racist. Majoriti kaum cina sedia berwakilkan orang melayu sebagai ahli parlimen mereka.

2. Umno dan Pas boleh buktikan bahawa mereka tidak takut bertanding di kawasan majoriti kaum cina.

3. Antara Mat Sabu dengan Muhyiddin, siapa anak jantan.

Kahkahkah...!! Ada berani??